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As people, and as Christians, we are constantly changing and evolving. I know that I personally not the same person I was ten, or even five, years ago. The really cool thing is that these changes aren’t just limited to people. 

Think of some of your favorite bands. Do they have the same sound now as when you first started listening to them? TobyMac is a great example of this. He has reinvented himself multiple times since the DC Talk days. Another example is MercyMe.

I have been listening to MercyMe for years — since I was in high school in fact. 

When I first began listening to MercyMe they had great songs with inspiring lyrics, but they sounded very much like many of the other Christian bands out there. Over the years, the band has evolved from a band that seemed to have very carefully crafted praise and worship songs to tracks that have similar appeal as many secular pop-rock hits — but with a Christian perspective. Now, MercyMe presents their eighth studio album Welcome to the New, representing a shift in tone for the multi-platinum selling group.

The title of the album Welcome to the New is a nod to this new style. It is refreshing to see the band reinvent themselves and embrace their confidence. The song that you are probably most familiar with, and my personal favorite, is the song “Shake” which was an instant hit on radio and inspired a lively music video that sets the tone for the entire album.

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