“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.'” — Matthew 25:40

Sparkle Box Book

“In the darkened sanctuary, a single candle was lit. That candle was soon used to light other candles, and soon everyone was carefully passing the flame from one person to the next, until the whole room was filled with a magical light” — The Sparkle Box

This holiday season I have been thinking a lot about giving back. I, like so many I know, have been so blessed. Of course, we have been through some tough times, but for us, these tough times pale compared to what some people go through. What’s even more sobering is that many of the worst problems we experience in this country are nothing compared to what people in other countries face.

Oftentimes, when the holidays come around we get so caught up in the hustle and bustle and gift buying that we forget about those who are less fortunate. There are people in our own communities that are hungry, cold, or lonely.

The Sparkle Box is a story that embodies Matthew 25:40. In the story, Sam is looking forward to Christmas while wondering what is inside a mysterious, sparkly box that is under the tree. In the weeks leading up to Christmas, Sam and his parents participate in various acts of kindness. On Christmas morning when Sam finally opens the Sparkle Box, he finds only slips of paper inside that describe the family’s good deeds. Sam’s parents then explain that the things they have been doing are really gifts for Jesus.

This story makes me wonder, what sort of gifts are we giving to Jesus? I think the Sparkle Box book is a beautiful tradition that honors the true meaning of Christmas. The book shares ideas of special gifts that families and children can give in honor of Jesus’ birthday. These gifts — such as giving warm blankets to the homeless and food for the hungry — can then be jotted down and placed in the Sparkle Box to be opened Christmas morning. Each year you can then add additional acts of kindness to the box. To get additional ideas for the box you can visit the Sparkle Box website where other readers have shared their good deeds.

The Sparkle Box is available through Amazon for $14.99 and also the Sparkle Box website. What is even nicer is that Sparkle Box is included in the back of the book and can be easily put together by children as they think of their own gifts to give during the holiday season.

This book is a beautiful tradition and would be such a meaningful Christmas gift. Looking for more great gifts? Check out the Third Stop on the Right holiday gift guide, and even enter a givewaway or two!

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