Graduation season is in full swing. Whether you are planning a preschool graduation, kindergarden graduation, or even a high school graduation party, here is a really cute (and allergy-free!) snack. The best part is that it is easy and inexpensive!

Time: Less than 10 minutes
Cost: Less than $5


All you need to do this is: fruit or applesauce cup, colored card stock, ribbon, goggly eyes, and a paint pen. Use card stock and ribbon that matches your school colors for a nice touch!


Cut a 3 1/4-inch square from the card stock. Punch a hole in the one corner and secure two short lengths of ribbon. You can then write a message or the year on the top of the card stock with the paint pen. For the example I just used the year, but you could always write things like “Way to go!” or “You did it!”


To attach the eyes you can use either glue dots, or if you don’t have those, a small drop of hot glue. Since I didn’t have the glue dots, I opted for the hot glue.


Then, just attach the mortarboard to the top of the cup either with some tape or a glue dot, and you have a great treat for any graduation party! See, I told you it was easy!


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