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Lean Cuisine Marketplace MealsSometimes I feel as if I am always on the go. Whether it be taking the kids to the park, going to playdates, or even just taking care of things in our day-to-day lives I often overlook taking care of myself. Often, I find myself eating the kids’ leftovers, or worse, not eating at all. 

I’m sure that I’m not the only mom who feels this way. We, as moms, tend to put ourselves last when it comes to taking care of our families. We spend our time running around making sure that everyone else’s needs are met, but who makes sure our needs are met?

LEAN CUISINE® to the rescue!

EnchiladaI guess I hadn’t ever though of microwave meals as being healthy. I always associated them with horrible-smelling meals that my younger sister used to eat about 15 years ago. The truth is, LEAN CUISINE® meals aren’t anything like I thought they might be. They were delicious!

Not only were these new LEAN CUISINE® Marketplace meals delicious but they also feature dishes with modern health benefits such as organic ingredient options, gluten-free options, and protein packed options. 

LCforLunchIn addition to using them at home, the LEAN CUISINE® Marketplace meals are perfect for taking to work or anywhere else you would have access to a microwave. All it takes is about five minutes (start to finish) and you have a healthy meal. I admit before having kids, I would often dread the thought of what to take to work for lunch. The thought of yet another salad or sandwich was just so unappealing. Buying my lunch each day, however, could get pretty expensive, pretty quickly. 

MacandCheese2What’s great about these LEAN CUISINE® meals, however, is that there are now so many types and flavors you can go for quite some time without having to repeat a meal. That way for whatever sort of meal you are choosing LEAN CUISINE® for, it will never get boring! 

LCStorePicIf you have never tried LEAN CUISINE® before or if you haven’t tried them in a while, you have to go to Walmart and pick up some of these new flavors. They taste so good you would never know that it wasn’t homemade. Plus, it will help keep you on track health-wise too.

You can find LEAN CUISINE® Marketplace meals in the freezer section of your local Walmart. This also includes the organic ingredient, gluten-free, and high protein varieties. 

Find some more mouth-watering LEAN CUISINE® recipes on the LEAN CUISINE® Pinterest page. What is one that you would like to try?

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