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Little_Remedies_TitleWhen I was a baby I had colic really bad. I cried the first day at home. I cried the first time outside. I cried during the first bath. I cried when — well, you get the idea. In fact, my mom said that she felt as if she didn’t sleep for the first year of my life. (She would have LOVED some of the new Little Remedies® Advanced Colic Relief from Target I will talk about later!)

Me_as_babyThis is why, when I was pregnant with both of my sons, I was terrified of them having colic. I feared that helpless feeling that parents of children with colic have. That feeling where your child needs something but you have no idea how to help them.

Out of my fear of having a baby with colic (I don’t do well with a lack of sleep) I researched ways to overcome colic and have a happier baby. An excess build up of gas in a baby’s stomach is often the underlying cause of the colic, so relieving this gas is key.

BabyR_Colic_CollagePut them on their stomach. Tummy time is important for more than just building baby’s neck muscles. It helps push any excess gas out of their bellies as well as helps to make them feel more secure. Placing your baby on his stomach is fine for tummy time or for moving gas, but never allow your baby to sleep on his stomach. Stomach sleeping in infants can lead to a higher incidence of SIDS.

Pump their legs. If placing your baby on his stomach doesn’t help move some of the gas out of their belly then you might have to give them a little additional help. By bicycling their legs or gently placing their knees to their chests, it will force some of the extra air out.

Swaddle your baby. Swaddling helps to keep your baby feeling secure. It works by keeping the baby from flailing and keeps them from unnecessary crying. Crying will cause them to such in air which can lead to additional gas and crying. Bonus points because swaddling will also help your baby sleep longer.

Use anti-colic bottles. There are a number of companies who make anti-colic bottles. I highly recommend using one of these bottles as it reduces the amount of air bubbles the baby is taking in, thus reducing any extra gas which might cause colic.

Nursing_ReeseWatch your diet. If you are breastfeeding, the cause of your baby’s gas might actually be something that you are eating. Breastfeeding infants can be intolerant to dairy, gluten, or even medications you are taking. This means that their stomachs might be upset and leading to excess gas and stomach discomfort. If you feel that this might be the issue, check with your pediatrician or lactation consultant to find out how to find out what might need to be eliminated from your diet.

Use Little Remedies®. If none of these other solutions work (and there is always a chance that they won’t), try using Little Remedies®. This is a brand that I trusted with my boys, and my mom says that she wishes was around when I was a baby.

Little Remedies® products are a great option for parents who are struggling with their baby’s colic, yet want to make sure that their babies are taking something that is safe.

Both of my boys suffered from excess gas which often led to crying, although none of it reached the level of colic. Often they would need a little bit of help passing some of the gas in their stomachs and I was able to achieve that through the use of Gas Drops and Gripe Water. Both of these products are free of artificial flavors, dyes, and alcohol.*

Both of these products were complete lifesavers and after giving them to the boys they were able to pass gas so much more easily and were able to rest. I’m not sure how I would have been able to make it through those first couple of months otherwise.

Another product that Little Remedies® has introduced is the Advanced Colic Relief which is taken as a dietary supplement. It is a chamomile herbal blend which works to reduce crying by up to 60%.* It too is free of artificial flavors, colors, dyes, or alcohol.

unnamed-64You can find Little Remedies® Gas Drops, Gripe Water, and even the new Advanced Colic Relief at Target in either the Baby isle or the Digestive isle.

Additionally, from now until October 17, there are two great money-saving Target offers going on. When you use the Target Cartwheel App, you can get 20% off of the Little Remedies® Advanced Colic Relief. Additionally, when you buy two Gas Drops or Gripe Water you can get a $5 Target gift card.

Just walk away. As a final note, these first few months of your baby’s life can be hard on a parent — really hard — but they won’t last forever. If you do have a baby who is suffering from severe colic, there is a chance that you might begin to feel overwhelmed. If you ever feel that you might lose control and hurt or shake your baby, just place the baby in his or her crib and step out of the room. Call someone to come help. Your baby will be safe in the crib but you must never lose control.

Comment On: Has your baby suffered from colic? What are some of your suggestions for colic relief?

*This statement has not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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  1. My new little baby has been struggling with colic lately and these are great tips! We’ve been cycling her legs, and using thegas drops and Advanced Colic relief drops and they have been life savers! #client

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