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Ecoadvanced_titleMy sons and I were watching Toy Story 3 the other night. At the end of the movie when Andy gives Bonnie all of his toys, it really got me thinking about reusing toys and giving them new life. I love the idea of new children being able to reuse the toys that my boys have outgrown. 

We live in a throw-away society, and often once our children outgrow their toys, they are either discarded in the trash or stuffed in the bottom of a toy box. However, these toys still have a lot of life left in them for another child to enjoy. 

Toy_SaleThis is why I love buying and selling at children’s consignment sales. These toy sales are perfect for not only passing some of your children’s unused toys on to other children, but it is also a great way to get some great “new” toys for your children. When you are able to purchase these toys for a fraction of their retail price, it only makes sense.

We have a very large children’s consignment sale in our area and it happened to have been this past weekend. Little E was super excited about what “new” toys he could find. Of course, we had to search all of the isles for that perfect toy. Then he found them. It was a bag with three Disney Cars Shake and Go cars. We had bought a Shake and Go raceway last year at one of the sales, so when E saw these cars this is what he was sold on. Plus, they were a great price so we bought them.

Toys such as these are usually pretty easy to clean up. Just some soap and water, or in worst case, one of those cleaning erasers should be able to get any dirt or crayon marks off of the toys. Sometimes a sticker or two is missing, but my boys don’t care. In fact, I’m sure that the two of them will directly cause the loss of some stickers along the way.

Putting_Batteries_in_CarThe most important part of this rehab, however, is adding in new batteries. Since we are recycling toys in order to give them new life, what better battery to use than the new Energizer® EcoAdvanced™? The EcoAdvanced™ is the world’s first AA battery made with 4% recycled batteries and is Energizer®’s longest-lasting battery. 

I frequently talk about the importance of making good consumer decisions as well as reducing and recycling, and these Energizer® EcoAdvanced™ batteries are just another way to be good stewards of the planet and reduce our carbon footprint. It also helps that these batteries are some of Energizer®’s longest lasting batteries, which means that consumers have to use fewer batteries which leads to less waste. Having to buy fewer batteries while keeping old batteries out of the landfill? Sounds like a good deal to me!

Playing_With_RacecarsAfter I cleaned up the cars and put new batteries in, they were good as new! Little E and Baby R are already spending quite a bit of time sitting around the racetrack, “racing” their cars. I’m so glad that we were able to find and “recycle” these cars as well as use batteries made from recycled materials. 

unnamed-62To do you part in saving the planet (as well as keeping all of your kids’ toys powered up!) pick up some Energizer® EcoAdvanced batteries at your nearest Walmart in the battery isle. In addition to AA size, the EcoAdvanced batteries are also available in AAA.

Comment On: What toy would you like to see have new life using Energizer® EcoAdvanced batteries?

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  1. I think people discard old toys way too fast when they are dirty or missing a part. It’s really so easy to refurbish them and the kids love anything new… they don’t need fancy new packaging to be fun. #client

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