Sarah Wells Pump Bag

For those of you who have a newborn, you know that many diaper bags and breast pump bags don’t exactly rank high in the style department. Often made of nylon, the these kind of bags are made for functionality, not fashionability.

Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bag

To make things worse, when I was pumping after having E, the electric breast pump that I was using wasn’t able to be taken out of the bag. So then, I had to carry a purse, a diaper bag, and the pump bag. Thankfully, in the two years since having E, and now with the new Baby #2 on the way, breast pump bags have become more stylish while still remaining functional.

Sarah Wells breast pump bag

The brand new Sarah Wells breast pump bag was designed with all of the functionality that a breastfeeding mom needs, allowing moms the flexibility to operate their pump equipment from within the bag. Specialized side compartments on both sides of the bag discretely carry a breast pump and every needed accessory while preserving ample space in the main compartment for regular purse items. When not in use, the side pockets can flatten, providing moms with even more space in the main compartment.


Even better is that once you baby gets older, instead of storing the breast pump and accessories in the side pockets, you can stash snacks, binkies, sippy cups, diapering accessories, and more in the side pockets!


I have to say I am seriously loving this bag. It is so sleek and stylish looking, I feel like I could take it anywhere. Even though Baby #2 wont be here until March I feel like I want to start using it now!


In addition to the compartments for the breast pump and accessories, inside the bag there is a special padded pocket designed for a tablet or r-reader. There is also a large zippered pocket for keys, phone, makeup, and more.

Sarah Wells, the CEO and president of Sarah Wells LLC, said “As a working mom, it was hard balancing work and motherhood while sticking to my breastfeeding goal. Instead of carrying three or four ugly bags to work, I wanted an all-in-one bag solution. It is a way to keep my pump equipment clean and separate from my keys and gum wrappers, while being able to hold everything I needed to carry. On top of that, I wanted to look stylish and professional.”

I couldn’t agree more!

BUY IT: The Sarah Wells breast pump bag I just featured retails for $145 and is available online with free shipping at Sarah Wells Bags. In addition, you can connect with Sarah Wells Bags via Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.


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