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Receiving a Massage

With the holidays in full force, many people are traveling for family get-togethers. I started thinking of everything involved in planning a road trip and landed on car maintenance being right up there on the priority list. It’s important to make sure all your fluids are topped up, the vehicle is clean, and everything is in working condition.

But even higher on the priority list is making sure I’m in good working condition. I can think of when I had the oil changed, put gas in the car, and cleaned the windshield, but no matter how hard I try I can’t remember the last time I took a few minutes to maintain myself. I’m always so busy taking care of my family, that I often forget to pause during the daily grind and give myself a tune-up.

Whether I’m driving to appointments, shopping for groceries, making dinner, , playing with the kids, spending time with my husband, or any of the numerous activities I do throughout every day — my body works hard for me. Everyday “wear and tear” as well as additional stressors that pop up can sometimes leave my body full of aches and pains. Much as my car needs regular check-ups, I can do the same for myself with Massage Envy. Massage Envy believes total body care is an integral part of everyone’s wellness journey, and is dedicated to helping their members and guests achieve this. They are dedicated to helping people realize instead of a luxury, it’s a necessity to unwind and refresh on a routine basis for overall well-being.

BecauseDIYTo stay hydrated, I drink water. To fuel my body, I try to make healthy choices in food. But what steps do I take to release tension and recharge? Admittedly, very few.

Massage Envy has introduced their new “Because” campaign which is aimed at educating people that instead of being a luxury, massage and skincare are actually an integral part of your wellness journey. This is why Massage Envy, with their Total Body Care program is aimed at taking care of all parts of your self. It makes perfect sense to me. I’m sure I’d be in the best working condition possible by allowing Massage Envy to help me manage this thing we call living.

Especially as the mom of two preschoolers.

I’m all for being in tip top shape. 

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