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Anyone who has or has had children knows that you need lots of wipes. There is one wipes container in the nursery, one in the living room, one in the bathroom, one in the diaper bag, and maybe even one in the kitchen! If you are like our family and have wipes containers all through the house, you also know that most wipes containers are just plain ugly. When something as unattractive as a wipes container is such a big part of your life, of course you would want to do something to make it a little prettier.

WipesWrap Nursery

This is why WipesWraps are such cute products! Made from stretchy cloth, WipesWraps stretch over a wipes container to create a stylish accessory. Although WipesWraps are designed to fit best on Pampers wipes containers, they are still versatile enough to fit on even generic wipes containers.


Although the snug fit (as seen in the photos) is not guaranteed with containers other than Pampers, I have had luck fitting the wraps on a Huggies wipes container. As for other brands, you can simply tuck in the “hood” which although isn’t ideal, is still so much cuter than the plan tub!

wipeswraps living room

With more than 45 different patterns, there surely is one to fit your decor. I prefer bright, bold patterns which is why I love the Candy Dots print. In fact, I have that one in my bathroom!

WipesWraps also make super-cute baby shower gifts. New moms will be receiving lots of baby clothes, but after a few months the baby will outgrow the clothes. Instead, why not give the mom-to-be a great gift that they will be able to use for three years and will be seen everyday.

You can purchase your own WipesWrap at the WipesWrap website for $14.95. In addition, WipesWraps has given me the opportunity to giveaway a pair of WipesWraps to one lucky Third Stop on the Right reader (a $29.90 value!). The giveaway will run through 11:59 p.m. EST on April 25, 2014. Just enter through the form below!


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  1. I really like these WipesWraps. I use wipes all of the time but they look awkward and out of place, especially with no baby around. This is a clever way to dress them up and proudly show them off. My favorite pattern is Line Botanicals.

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