CraftReduxGraphicOne of the first crafts I ever did on my blog was a tutorial on how to create a DIY Twinkle Nightlight. Although I loved the post, I thought that project could use a little bit of a makeover. That is why when the folks over at game me the option to redo one of my first crafts I knew that the twinkle light would be the perfect project. This is why I made this fairy light jar.

FairyJar_TitleI began with a large, square jar that I picked up at the craft store. In addition, I also picked up some peacock themed glass gems. Using a combination of industrial adhesive (for its strength) and hot glue (for it’s immediate set time) I started gluing the gems to the jar in various patterns.

Fairy Jar with GemsI had a variety of gems that I used including pink, purple, dark blue, and small purple gems. I glued them on in different patterns on each side of the jar, and then filled in the gaps with the small purple rocks. As I was gluing the stones on I used both the industrial strength glue as well as the hot glue in order to keep the stones secure.

FinishedJarWithLightsAfter the entire outside of the jar was covered with the gems, I used a set of small battery-powered twinkle lights. The set that I used had 30 white LED lights. I put these inside of the jar and spread them out so that the whole jar would glow.

FairyLightJarThe gems hide the wires and the battery pack, and when you turn the lights out you have an amazing fairy light jar which glows as if it is full of hundreds of twinkling fireflies or fairies. What is nice is that because the light uses LED lights, it will keep the jar cool to the touch and isn’t a fire hazard.

The boys absolutely loved the twinkle lights and both wanted it in their rooms for the night. It looks like I am going to need to be making another one sometime soon!

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