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ProPlan_Bright_Mind_Dog_FoodLast week I told you about how I had switched my senior dog, Pooka, to the new Purina ProPlan Bright Mind dog food. Pooka is 11-years-old so she is firmly in her senior years, but I know that she still has a lot of life left in her and I want to make these some of the best years of her life. 

Pooka_SittingPurina ProPlan Bright Mind is a new dog food that is specially formulated to increase cognitive awareness in adult dogs over seven-years-old. According to experts at Purina ProPlan, once a dog reaches about seven years of age the glucose metabolism in a dog’s brain begins to change which ultimately can effect memory, learning, awareness, and even decision making. The Bright Mind dog food, made with enhanced botanical oils, help to combat this and instead promote mental sharpness and alertness. This means that instead of your dog learning new tricks, Bright Mind will help her remember her old tricks!

Pooka_Running_for_BallNow, Pooka has never been one for any sort of elaborate tricks but she does love to play. Of course her age (77 in human years!) has taken a bit of its toll on her muscles and joints, however, after giving her the Bright Mind dog food for a little over 30 days now, I can see her having more interest in toys she was otherwise uninterested in, and become somewhat more curious about the world around her again. 

Obviously, I cannot read Pooka’s mind — unless it is at dinner time which at that point I’m pretty sure food is the only thing on her mind — but I’m going to go out on a limb and guess some of what she is thinking:

“Oh wow! I’m not sure what they are feeding me (because I’m a dog — I can’t read labels!) but it seems to be making me feel more alert. I almost feel like I’m 10 years younger. I’ve been spending some time today chewing a few of my bones, as well as searching the house for food. I know that those two little boys drop food everywhere so there is bound to be something around here somewhere.

I’m hoping that we will have some time to play outside tonight instead of just relaxing on the couch. There aren’t too many of these nice days left and before I know it, I will be belly-deep in the snow! Whether it is playing fetch with my ball, rope, or squeaky toy, I know that I will be interested in doing something!”

Selfie_With_pookaI’m really excited about the difference I have seen in Pooka. I know she is getting older (sniff!) but she is part of our family and I am determined to make these last years some of the best of her life.

Bright_Mind_Store_PictureIf you have a senior dog (aged 7 or older) and you want to try Purina ProPlan Bright Mind dog food, you can pick it up at your nearest PetSmart. Just make sure that you use it for at least 30 days since it takes that long to see any visible results. 

You can find Bright Mind in the same isle as the other Purina dog food products. What is even better is that if you spend $10 on Purina ProPlan Dry Dog or Cat Food at PetSmart from now until October 4, 2015, you can save $10 on your next Purina ProPlan Dry Food purchase (14 pounds or more) before November 1, 2015.*

Saving money and improving my dog’s quality of life? Sounds like a win-win to me!

Comment On: What sort of tricks would you love your dog to be able to remember and do again?


*Subject to availability. Transaction total is after discounts and before taxes.

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