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Poise Impressa Bladder SupportsLadies, the struggle is real. I mean it.

I’m going to be honest here. Ever since I had my boys, I have struggled with bladder leakage. In fact, I was always afraid of going out in public for fear of laughing too hard, coughing, or worse, sneezing. Any of these could easily make me look like I peed my pants. It’s so embarrassing.

I had heard stories from other moms talking about how they had problems with bladder leakage during pregnancy. I guess what I didn’t realize was that this problem would follow me even after I was no longer pregnant. It’s not just coughing and sneezing that are the threat though. 

Three years ago, after I had Little E and finally returned to the gym after a 9 month hiatus, I booked an appointment with one of the personal trainers. I wanted to get my prebaby body back — and fast! I was at the very end of my postpartum bleeding so I had a light pad in. Let’s just say that I was so glad that I had that, but I wish I had known what vigorous exercise would do to my poor postpartum bladder. I’m just glad I had black pants on — not because they are slimming, but to hide the fact that I had peed myself. So not sexy.

True story.

Now, after going through another pregnancy I can’t tell you that the situation has much improved. Thankfully, there are products that can help with this sort of stress urinary incontinence. It couldn’t come at a better time either. In less than two weeks I am going to be participating in the Pittsburgh Mudderella which is a 6 mile mud run. I don’t want to wear a bulky pad, but I also don’t want to feel like I am peeing myself either.

This is why I am so excited about the new Poise Impressa bladder supports. There are so many reasons why a woman’s pelvic floor muscles weaken. It might be from childbirth (like it was for me) but it can also come from hormones, or even injury. Poise Impressa helps to support the pelvic floor and keep the urethra (yep, that tube that pee comes out of) closed. Otherwise, this is when you get bladder leakage. 

PoiseImpressaSupports2Plus, Impressa bladder supports are way to use and are much friendlier to use than say, having surgery (yikes!). You insert the bladder supports just like you would a tampon and you can use them for up to 8 total hours in a 24 hour period. Additionally, they won’t keep you from being able to urinate normally.

I will note that the Poise Impressa bladder supports are only for stress urinary incontinence which happens when you laugh, cough, sneeze, dance, or exercise. They are not for when you have a sudden need or rush to urinate. They are also not to be used if you are pregnant, having your period, have a urinary tract or vaginal infection, or are under 21. 

Poise Impress Sizing KitThe first time you use Impressa bladder supports, you will want to purchase one of the sizing kits. The Impressa supports come in three sizes and its important to use the size that works best for you. You should start with Size 1 and if you still have leakage, move up until you find a size that is not only comfortable but that also has hardly any leaks.

PoiseImpressaSupports4I hate anyone outside of my immediate family knowing that I have some of these urinary incontinence problems. Thankfully, I was able to purchase my sizing kit directly from CVS’s online website and have it shipped right to my door. That way, no one had to know!

Exercising with Poise ImpressaI am so excited that I can feel comfortable exercising, dancing, sneezing, or just laughing and being silly with my kids without having to worry about embarrassing bladder leaks. Its like its a whole new world — one where you don’t need to keep a spare pair of panties in your diaper bag or purse (just in case!).

Comment On: Do you have any embarrassing stories regarding stress urinary incontinence like my gym story?

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  1. I love this idea to keep you moving and solve a major problem so many women have – and what a great way to keep it discreet. I’m ok sharing what’s up with my friends and such, but the whole world doesn’t need to know about (or experience) these types of issues vicariously! #client

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