There comes a time in every parent’s life where you are just so ready for your little baby to stop using diapers. However, for most parents, this doesn’t always come easily. In fact, to get to that point you have to go through the dreaded potty training. Going into it every parent feels that they are ready, but let’s be honest — no matter how many books or articles you read there is no way you can ever be completely prepared. 

Here are seven things that I wish I had known before I had started the potty training process. Hopefully, you can learn from some of my mistakes and make your experience go a little smoother.

Just Let it Happen

The idea of your child going potty on the toilet and you not having to clean messy diapers is probably crazy appealing. However, it really is true that potty training happens in their own time. Pushing your child too hard, too soon can actually backfire and make your child reluctant to potty train. Wait until your child is ready, it will happen eventually!

Buy the Right Tools

When we were getting ready to potty train, I took Little E to that store to buy a potty. I let him pick one that he like (which happened to be a frog). This helped Little E get excited about potty training. It took a few more months before he actually started using the potty but it at least got him used to what it was and it was a good step.

Make the Potty Accessible

In the first weeks of potty training, we actually put the potty in our family room. I had realized that when Little E suddenly had to go potty he didn’t have time to get to the bathroom. By putting plastic down on the floor along with the potty, it allowed E the opportunity to get to the potty quickly as soon as he felt the urge.

Praise, Praise, Praise

Make sure that no matter what you do, you are giving your child plenty of praise. Even if they are just sitting on the potty and not going, praise them just for trying. Say things such as “Wow! You are such a big boy (or girl)! I’m so proud of you!”

Reward Them

You want to give them something to work towards. When E was starting to potty train, we started out small. He would get an M&M for just sitting on the potty, a couple of M&Ms if he went tinkle, a Matchbox Car (I got a whole bunch at a consignment sale) if he went poopy, and then a bigger reward such as a diets Disney Cars vehicle or a Disney Planes plane if he went a whole week without an accident. Of course, it took time to work up to this.

Be Patient and Don’t Stress Out

I’m not going to lie, potty training can be stressful — really stressful for both parents and kids. The key is not to get too stressed out because that can actually impede potty training. Instead, be patient and even if your child has an accident, do not yell at or punish your child. There may be setbacks also. I thought E was pretty much potty trained and then all of a sudden started having accidents again. It turns out that it was because not only had he been eating a lot of fruit recently but it also was summer and E didn’t want to come inside to use the bathrooms.

Embrace Using Pull-Ups

During potty training (and even beyond) you will want to keep a stock of Pull-Ups on hand. Pull-Ups are such a great product because since they can be pulled up and down it gives the feeling of wearing real underwear while still keeping them protected from accidents. Additionally, your child may be completely potty trained during the day, but he or she might take longer to go through the night without an accident. Pull-Ups are a life (and sheet) saver!

Plus, Pull Ups are perfect for long trips or during illness. Even though E isn’t having many accidents anymore, I still have a pack of Pull-Ups in the bathroom as well as a couple in the car and in the diaper bag. 

If you are attempting to potty train, it also means that you must have a couple years of buying diapers already under your belt. This also means that you know how expensive diapers and training pants can be. That’s why I love being able to shop at Family Dollar for some of the lowest prices around on Pull-Ups. 

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