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Being a mom is tough. I feel as if I am always on the run. Especially between work and the boys. Sometimes I just need a moment to myself.

One of my weaknesses is ice cream. After a particularly stressful or hectic day I love to be able to sit down and relax with a sweet treat. What I don’t love, however, is the calories.

The new Breyers delights are a better-for-you ice cream that provides the perfect indulgence without sacrificing a healthier lifestyle. Oh, and those calories on the front? That’s actually per pint, not per serving. The best part is that to get this ice cream, Breyers didn’t have to sacrifice natural, quality ingredients.

When it comes to giving myself time to indulge, one of my favorite sweet treats is this grown-up, boozy root beer float. We all remember the deliciousness of root beer floats as a kid, except this one has a bit of an edge to it. I used one of those new alcoholic root beers as well as some of the Breyers Vanilla Bean ice cream.

Creating a Boozy Root Beer Float

You will need a few ingredients in order to make this sweet indulgence. You will need:

  • Breyers delights Vanilla Bean ice cream
  • Alcoholic root beer (choose your favorite brand)
  • Whipped Cream
  • Sprinkles
  • Cherry

I began by scooping about half a pint’s worth of the Breyers delights vanilla bean ice cream into a cup. I then filled the cup with some of the root beer until it filled the cup.

To top it off, I added some whipped cream, sprinkles, and a cherry. I added a cute paper straw and it was ready to enjoy.

This is the perfect treat for a hot day outside with your girlfriends, on the patio in the evening, or just a sweet adults-only treat.

You can purchase the Breyers delights and anything else you need for these root beer floats, as well as everything else on your grocery list at your local Giant Eagle. In addition, when you purchase the new Breyers delights you can save $1.50 instantly when you clip the coupon to your E-Advantage card.

Between saving money and saving calories, this means that you don’t have to feel guilty about indulging in the new Breyers delights ice cream.

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