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So it looks like only 7 months after having her first, Jessica Simpson really is expecting baby #2. Of course, it is much easier for celebrities like Jessica to have two kids back to back, because let’s face it, they have the money for someone else to care for their kids. In fact, I remember when Jessica’s daughter Maxwell was born she said in an interview that she had hired a night nurse…must be nice.

For the rest of us down here on the ground, raising two kids so close together is difficult. It is something I have struggled with over these past couple of months. Ethan was a great baby, although I suffered from a lot of postpartum anxiety regarding him sleeping. Now at a year old he sleeps 12 or 13 hours a night. Everyone comments about what a happy baby he is, and they are right!

So that brings me back to my dilemma. There are days where I would love to get pregnant again right now. I would love to have two children close together so that they could be good friends. On the other hand, my pregnancy with Ethan was anything but smooth. I suffered from really bad morning sickness, and eventually had to be induced at 37 weeks because of preeclampsia. I worry that if I had a second pregnancy like that I would be miserable for nine months, and it would be hard to care for both him and myself.

I also worry that I would be taking something away from Ethan by having another baby so close. Ethan deserves to have his mom’s full attention while he too still needs so much attention.

So, for now I am waiting to start trying to have another. I am hoping that by the time Ethan is two we can start thinking about more.

What do you think is the best way to spread out children?

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  1. I had severe gestational diabetes and cholestasis with my first pregnancy and was induced at 33 weeks. It was the worst nine months of my life! I then fell pregnant again wen bubs was only 8 weeks. I had all the same things as the last pregnancy and it was horrible, it was a little easier as this time I wasn’t working. I was induced again at 34 weeks, now I have a boy and a girl and that is it for me. To be honest I’m glad it is all out of the way and I don’t have to go through it again. I wud just go for it, having children close in age is great.

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