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Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 7.20.23 PMBaby R is a huge fan of Gerber’s® Puffs, Grabbers, Pasta Pick-Ups — actually he is a fan of just about all of the Gerber products. In fact, E also loves the Gerber® products. With two growing boys, we end up going through a lot of Gerber® Graduates®.

When the boys are eating Gerber® Graduates® I know that they are getting the nutrition they need without any of the junk. This is especially important because E is a picky eater and with Gerber®  he’s not only eating, but he’s also eating healthy.

Gerber Graduate PuffsSince both boys lover Gerber® Graduates® so much, we tend to buy a lot at one time. That’s why I’m so excited about the Gerber® Graduates® Win Win Moment promotion. Now through April 30, 2015, when you purchase 10 Gerber® Graduates® products on one receipt you will receive a Gerber® Graduates® gift set which includes a Gerber® mealmat by NUK and a Gerber® bib (total value of $11.98). These are products that every mom knows are invaluable, and if you are buying the product anyway why not get a reward?

The submission process is easy too! You don’t have to mail in any UPCs, receipts, or forms. All you have to do is make your purchase, snap a photo of your receipt, and submit it through the special Gerber® Win Win Moment website by May 15, 2015. You’re gift pack should arrive within 10 to 12 weeks. 

This promotion is so great because now not only can I stock up on food the boys love, but I’ll also know that they are getting the nutrition they need. Plus, we get rewarded. I’d say that is a Win Win-win! 

Remember, all 10 items must be purchased on the same receipt and by April 30. The receipt must then be uploaded by May 15 in order to receive the gift pack. Then, once you receive your gift pack, use your meal mat and bib to create even more Win Win moments!

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