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I absolutely hate filling out paperwork, in particular medical paperwork, but it isn’t for the reason you may think. Of course I have no problem filling out my medical history and the mundane things such as name, birthday, and address, but then I get to the blank that says “occupation.” Most of the time I either write “homemaker” or “stay at home mom.”

Of course whenever I give the form to the receptionist she looks at it and says “So you are unemployed, right?” If you want to consider unemployed as the fact that I don’t receive a regular paycheck, then yes, I may be unemployed. However, I feel that what I do is way more than what the title “unemployed” would imply.

To begin with, I have worked in the corporate world. I have both a bachelor’s degree as well as a master’s degree. I went to college and graduate school for six years, and worked in a corporate public relations office for years. When I got pregnant, I knew that I wanted to leave the workforce and raise my child. My mother was a stay at home mom and her involvement in my life made a huge impact on who I am today.

These days I don’t copy edit high-profile pieces, nor do I manage large (corporate) projects, but unemployed most certainly does not describe my profession.

Instead, my days now consist of bathing, feeding, and changing the baby; making sure that there is food in our pantry; vacuuming and cleaning the floor what feels like everyday; washing and folding laundry; making dinner; and cleaning the house, in addition to keeping E entertained and trying to teach him a thing or two along the way. Oh, did I also mention that I run this blog as well as take photography classes?

Mother and Son

So, yes, you may say that I am unemployed, but in my eyes I have the best job in the world.

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  1. I totally agree. I haven’t thought of it through your perspective, so much in detail before. It did always make me feel a bit bad for writing down unemployed. Now not so much. We stay at home moms kick so much ass! What I really like is that my fiance acknowledges it and tells me how great I am at raising our children. It seems more legit written down as I read it for some reason though :). Thanks for your post and to you for helping me see this more:).


      1. Yes they do! My life is definetely more fulfilled and energetic, while getting to be the best person I can be, while raising the best children 🙂

  2. Yes! About filing out paperwork. I work as a casual employee (but fulltime hours) and hate writing casual on paperwork. I feel like there is a stigma to it.

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