CozyCoupe1The Little Tikes Cozy Coupe is an icon. I remember them being around when I was young (although I never had one, but my little sister did) so you know it has been a while! Its simplicity is actually part of its charm. It doesn’t have any fancy sounds or movements, and it is powered solely by foot (or push) power. 

CozyCoupe8You know what though? The boys actually like the Cozy Coupe Sport more than they like their fancy battery-powers vehicles. It goes to show that sometimes simpler is better.

CozyCoupe6Like the Cozy Coupes of old, the Coupe features rugged, durable tries and the front wheels rotate 360 degrees for easy control. It also features a high seat back with a storage compartment. Unlike before, the storage compartment also has a cup holder which my boys think is great. They load up their sippy cups and cruise around.

CozyCoupe2CozyCoupe5Unlike the past Cozy Coupe models, the Cozy Coupe Sport features a handle on the back and sides as well as a removable floor. This is perfect for Baby R since I can just put him in the car and take him for walks or just push him around the yard without having to worry about his little feet getting tangled underneath. Then, when E wants to use the Coupe I can fold down the handle and removed the floor so he can use his feet to power it.

CozyCoupe3It’s so handy that both boys are able to use the Cozy Coupe. This cuts down on the number of large toys we have to store in the shed — always a bonus! 

CozyCoupe4Although the Cozy Coupe is an iconic play thing, the Cozy Coupe Sport is anything but old fashioned. It features a fun push-to-start button as well as a working horn. I also love the smoked “glass” sunroof which is also UV resistant. It remind the boys of mommy and daddy’s cars — well, daddy’s car since mommy traded her sporty car in for a mini van!

CozyCoupe7The Cozy Coupe is a timeless design that children have loved for years and it is one that will continue to entertain children for years to come. You can purchase the Cozy Coupe Sport directly through Little Tikes or through retailers such as Amazon (shipping is free with Prime!).

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