Not How You Do It

You’ve heard the phrase “It’s not what you do but how you do it.” I disagree.

Bringing a new baby home is a huge game-changer. Heck, it’s a huge life changer. Just days before, the only person you had to be responsible for was yourself and suddenly you have this tiny creature that is totally dependent on you.

It can be scary. It is scary.

When I brought my first son home from the hospital I was terrified of him. Yep, here I was a grown woman who was scared of a seven-pound baby! I was so scared of something happening to him or of me doing something wrong. 

That baby turned 4 last week. We survived his early days and I was even brave enough to go on to have Baby R. Everything ended up turning out OK in the end. 

I did learn a secret in the process. There are many things that you need to do when you have a baby such as feed your baby, change your baby, practice safe sleep, and provide for their basic needs. There are also many ways to do these things.

Maybe you breastfeed. Maybe you use formula. Maybe you work. Maybe you stay home. Maybe you wear your baby. Maybe you don’t.

You see, the key here is not how you do these things, but that you do them. Your baby doesn’t care if you put him in a sling or in a bouncy seat as long as he is cared for. He doesn’t care if you feed him breastmilk or formula as long as his belly is full. All he needs is love and that is your true #formulaforhappiness.

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