Road Rippers Monster Truck

As soon as I brought the box in after FedEx dropped it off, E was fascinated. I was barely able to get it out of the package before he was trying to play with it.

This 10 inch tall truck, made by Road Rippers, is made to resemble the world famous 4×4 monster truck “Big Foot.” What is really neat is that instead of just making noise like many toys geared for this age group, this truck is motorized and will drive over anything in it’s path! Although, in addition to being motorized, this truck also makes truck sounds, special light effects, announcer vocals, and music.

It is nice that all of the buttons are located in the bed of the truck. Many toys have the buttons hidden on the sides of the toy or underneath, which makes it difficult for little ones to push. E loves the fact that he can make the truck play music and move without my help.

I have to say that one of the cutest things while E did while playing with the truck is that he took it over to his tool bench and began using his hammer and screwdriver to “fix” the truck. Check out the video here:

You can purchase this truck at Amazon, Target, Toys R Us, Kmart, and other retailers.

This truck does have some small parts, so it is not recommended for children under 3. I know that E is only 1, but I will assure you that he was being supervised the entire time that he was playing with it.


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