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Halloween is now over and its time to start looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas. Christmas is one of my favorite holidays to decorate for since it is always such a cheery time in an otherwise rather dreary time of year (at least here in Pennsylvania). 

We always set up our Christmas tree in our family room since that is the room that we spend the most time in and is where we can enjoy the tree the most. The problem is that our family room is at the back of the house and I sometimes feel that the front rooms of the house aren’t very festive.

This year I wanted to focus on making our dining room, which has large bay windows in the front of the house, more festive so I came up with a cute decor that is festive yet still elegant. Plus, I did it all in under $75!

At Home is a one-stop-shop for you to design your whole house – every single room. With an unmatched assortment of indoor and outdoor At Home Christmas Decor, AtHome features everything from dining to ornaments — everything you could ever need for the holidays!

If I had gone to any other store, all of the items would have cost a lot more, but through combining products I already had with some new ones I bought at AtHome’s everyday low prices, I was able to make our front room much more festive!

My first focus was on that front window. We purchased one of AtHome’s 4-foot silver, prelit Christmas trees. I chose the silver one because I wanted something that would stand out in the front window. They also had some white, blue, orange, red, and even pink 4-foot trees which are perfect for themed trees. However, the silver was perfect for what we needed. 

No matter whether you are looking for a small tree, such as we were, or a full-sized Christmas tree, you will be able to find it at AtHome with their acre-sized Tree for Me Christmas tree lot with 101 artificial Christmas Trees that you can actually touch and feel. They also have a variety of prices to fit any budget.

I decorated the tree with some aqua and red bulbs. Of course, I made sure that I bought the shatter-proof kind because with two small boys either the tree or some ornaments falling is almost a guarantee. I then topped the tree with an LED star. 

I’ve never had a Christmas centerpiece for our table before, so I figured that now is as good as any to make one. I had made an ornament wreath last year but had never actually put it up. I had this in the back of my mind as I was browsing AtHome’s massive selection of holiday decor. 

When I saw this silver, glittery cones I was inspired to use it in conjunction with the ornament wreath. I purchased a circular silver and red placemat to place the centerpiece on. I then placed the ornament wreath on the placemat and the silver cone inside. 

What is even beter is that the cone has several small lights inside, so when you turn it on, it creates a soft glow. This creates the ideal table centerpiece as its not so large that you can’t see over it, but it also creates a warm, festive feeling. 

When I finished, I was really happy with the look. Plus, with the tree in the front of the house it gave my house that festive, Christmasy feeling that I was going for. The best part however, is that thanks to AtHome I was able to do it in under $75 and I got exactly the look that I wanted!

Need some additional inspiration for your own tree? AtHome has 15 different holiday themes to help you choose the exact look for your home. I based my dining room’s look on a combination of the Peppermint Jazz and the Seas & Greetings themes.

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