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Potty_Training_TipsI was frustrated. One by one it seemed that everyone else’s children were becoming potty trained and yet there I was still changing diapers. I was pretty sure that my child would be the first child who entered kindergarten not potty trained. 

I cried. I pleaded. I got frustrated and even yelled. Nothing helped. 

No matter how much I wanted him to potty train and be out of diapers, until he was ready it would do no good. So I could get frustrated all I wanted, but it wouldn’t help. This is key when you are considering potty training. You can however, introduce the concept to your child by reading them a potty training book. In our case, I found an Elmo Goes Potty book at one of our local toy sales which I would read to Little E even before he was actively potty training. It introduces them to the concept and teaches them that potty training is natural and not something to be afraid of.

When Little E began showing interest in potty training, I seized the opportunity. However, before I could be successful with potty training, I knew that I had to have the right tools. One of the first tools was buying Little E some “big boy” underwear. I allowed him to choose a pattern he liked and was excited about — in this case he chose Disney Planes — but you can choose whatever appeals to your child. 

Another item that you will want your child’s input on is a potty seat. There are several ways you can go with this. You can purchase one of the potties that is free-standing and has the removable bowl that you clean after using it; one of the ones that is an insert and can be taken on and off the toilet; and finally, there is the kind where you actually attach a special toilet seat. 

Our preference was the freestanding potty since we could move it to different locations in the house. On the day we “officially” started potty training, we moved the potty into the family room. I know it sounds gross, but it was convenient for Little E and it worked. Now he just holds himself over the potty on his own. 

Speaking of sitting on the potty, just getting them to use the potty can be a chore. The first few times we tried with Little E, he wouldn’t get near it. This is when I began rewarding him. I bought a big bag of M&M’s and he would get a few if he just sat on the potty and tried to go. Eventually, we moved it up to he would be rewarded if he actually went potty until he was completely potty trained.

Reward_ItemsAs I said M&M’s were our go-to reward, however, I have also heard of people using stickers or creating treasure chests. It is whatever will work for your child.

Nighttime potty training can be a little bit tricky, so you will want to make sure that you buy a waterproof fitted sheet. This is important because not only do you want to protect your mattress, but it will also make it much easier if your child has an accident during the night. In our case, Little E started going through the night without having an accident at pretty much the same that he potty trained, however, it can take some children much longer. This is perfectly normal, but you will want to be prepared. 

Another thing that will make night potty training easier are PullUps or Goodnights. With Little E, we didn’t use PullUps much during the day since he seemed to feel that they were too much like diapers and would just go in the PullUps instead of the potty. However, when it comes to nighttime training, no one wants to be up changing sheets in the middle of the night so you want an extra layer of protection.

Good hygiene is something that I emphasized with Little E from the beginning of potty training. If I was immediately available to help I would help him wash his hands with soap and water, however, if I wasn’t around I wanted him to know that it was still important that he cleaned his hands. This is why I put a container of instant hand sanitizer on the counter in the bathroom and showed him how to use just one squirt and rub his hands together. Ok, so there were some times that he got a little carried away and tried to sanitize the entire bathroom, but still he got the concept of cleaning his hands.

Charmin_Paper&Wipes Charmin_WipesOnce you start potty training you are going to want to stock up on flushable wipes and toilet paper, and I mean a lot. Between going to the bathroom what I swear is about 100 times a day and needing cleaned after each time, you are going to want to have a good supply of paper and wipes. This is why I love shopping at Sam’s Club for these essentials. I am able to buy Charmin Extra Soft toilet paper in packs of XX and Charmin Freshmates flushable wipes in packs of 4. This means that I can not only stock up, but I can also save money in the process. 

Since you are wanting to make potty training a pleasant experience, you don’t want to have to use toilet paper that is rough or scratchy when wiping your toddler. Instead, the wipes are perfect for poopies and  the extra soft toilet paper will never leave little bums red and irritated. Plus, since the wipes are flushable you can just use them and flush them down without having to worry about it clogging your pipes. Additionally, Charmin Extra Soft toilet paper is Septic Safe and has the Roto Rooter so you won’t have to worry about clogs or backups. This is especially important when your child starts wiping his or herself since they will inevitably use enough toilet paper or wipes at one time for 10 people. Plus the Charmin Club Pack has 100 extra sheets!

Bounty_TowelsLastly, you will want to purchase some Bounty paper towels. Even though Little E is pretty much completely potty trained, accidents do still happen. As Little E says, “My winky isn’t being a listener!” Whenever I hear that, I know that I am going to have to be cleaning up not only the toilet but also the floor. Having a paper towel that will absorb the mess and not need several sheets is a lifesaver. Even if your child never has an accident, those paper towels won’t go to waste because if your kids are anything like mine are, “Mess” is pretty much their middle name!

Regardless of when your little one decides to potty train (for your sake I hope it is earlier rather than later) make sure that you have all of the tools that you will need, including Charmin wipes, Charmin Extra Soft toilet paper, or Bounty paper towels. Thankfully, most of these can be bought all in one trip at your local Sam’s Club so it saves you time AND money.

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