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LipSense TitleIt’s a staple every girl has. In fact, we often have two or three kicking around in our makeup bags, purses, or even in the car. I’m talking about lipsticks, of course.

From the time I was young I remember my mom putting on life stick before we let the house. Once I was old enough to start wearing lipstick myself I found myself with the same habit. It has always flustered me that lipsticks never seem to last and I was always reapplying.

I had heard of LipSense before, but it wasn’t until a friend of mine started selling it that I had a change to actually try it out.

I had heard that LipSense really does give you all day color, but after reading claims on various lipsticks that promised the same thing, I was skeptical.

LipSense ProductsThe basis of LipSense is that it is made up of three parts: the color, the gloss, and an “Oops” remover.

All of the components come in a tube with an applicator, similar to liquid lipstick or lip gloss. The first step is applying the color. My friend suggested that I try the Roseberry color which ended up being perfect! There are a ton of colors to choose from so there is guaranteed to be something that works.

LipSense Lip ColorYou begin by applying the color using the applicator. You will swipe it across your tip and bottom lip and allow it to dry for several seconds. Do not rub your lips together. I will note that if you have chapped or dry lips, the coloring may sting a big when you put it on.

LipSense is a little different than regular lipstick in that if you make a mistake and get lipstick where it isn’t supposed to be, you can’t easily just wipe it off. This is when you will want to have the “oops” remover handy. It will help to remove any embarrassing mistakes or smudges. It has a tip like lip gloss and you just wipe it over what you want to remove.

Once everything is good, the LipSense will feel a bit sticky. Just swipe on some LipSense lip gloss to seal it, and you are good to go!

LipSense1I said I was a skeptic at first (and I was!) but I’m definitely sold now. This color works so well that I can put it on in the morning and come dinnertime my lips still have color. And that’s with NO reapplying.

Ready to try it for yourself? Head over and join my friend Fallon’s Facebook Group. Right now she is running a special where you can get 5% off of a starter kit which involves the color, “oops” remover, and gloss. Additionally, you can check out her website where you can see the colors, the various products, and even order. Plus, you can find information about becoming a consultant yourself.

While the $25 price tag for a tube seems a little high, with this product a little goes a long way (plus no reapplying) so it will last you quite a while. This is also on par with the department store prices.

LipSense has now become a staple of my makeup routine, plus I love that one application really does last me all day!

Leave your questions or experiences in the comments. I would love to hear what you think!

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