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Woman watching televisionSo recently, I have been into watching the new Netflix original series, The Crown. If you haven’t heard of it, I highly suggest checking it out. This isn’t the only great content that you can find on Netflix. In fact, there are tons of movies and TV shows to watch.

The problem used to be that watching Netflix could be a bit difficult if you didn’t have Netflix — enabled divide. I was always having to make sure that the TV had internet connection and I had to find the remote. It was such a hassle. That is, until now.

Recently, Comcast has partnered with Comcast X1 to allow Comcast customers who subscribe to Netflix to more easily access and browse the extensive online collection of Netflix’s movies and shows. This means that I can now watch The Crown directly from my Comcast box and TV.

What is particularly great is that now by combining the TV libraries of Netflix and Xfinity On Demand, X1 customers can browse Netflix content alongside other On Demand movies and shows. This also means that you can catch up from the beginning on shows that you otherwise might not be able to get On Demand.

Another thing that is ideal about Netflix now being on X1 is that it is so easy to use. No more juggling remotes — Netflix is on the X1 remote you already have! Simply launch the app by simply saying “Netflix” into the X1 voice remote.

I am quite excited about this new development with Comcast and Netflix. Now I can catch up on all of my shows whether I’m at my computer or at my TV.

Did I also mention that there are a ton of family friendly shows and movies which are perfect to watch with the boys? I can’t wait to get starting watching!

Learn more about the introduction of Netflix onto the Comcast X1 platform by visiting Comcast’s website.

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