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nannielaughingwithdogAlmost 8 years ago my maternal grandmother, Nannie, had a significant stroke. After intense occupational and physical therapy she was able to go back to living by herself but things were never the same.

In fact, her health has continued to decline over the years, especially because she continues to have mini strokes. These strokes have lead to the onset of dementia and taking care of herself is beginning to be impossible.

Nannie has always liked animals and has had one dog or another for as long as I can remember. Not being able to have a pet of her own has been hard on her, however, it isn’t practical. She has trouble taking care of herself let alone a pet as well.

Recently, I gave Nannie HASBRO’S JOY FOR ALL™ Companion Pet Pup. Hasbro has a long tradition of creating the world’s best play experiences and the JOY FOR ALL brand is an extension of that tradition — bringing happiness to aging loved ones.

nannieplayingwithdogThe JOY FOR ALL pup is such a clever product in that it feels, sounds, and acts like a real dog. It even has realistic-feeling fur which makes it not only look but also feel like a real dog.

What is also nice is that this dog is set up and ready to go right out of the box. It has a card enclosed which describes some of the simple motions and commands you can use on the dog. This makes it perfect for elderly family members such as Nannie.

This dog is designed for everyone aged 5 to 105! In fact, my whole family got involved with it. My oder son was the one to get “Reddy” out of the box and show Nannie how to use it. He showed her where the sensors are to make the dog respond to motion and touch. Nannie was particularly tickled by the fact that the pup responds to voices with realistic dog sounds and will even look toward you when you speak to it.

nannieholdingdogNannie has really enjoyed the dog so far and says that with it around she doesn’t feel as lonely. We have already seen her petting the dog as well as talking to it.

bethanywithdogThe box does say that this dog is good for ages 5 to 105, and this is true because I even caught my sister sneaking off to sit with the dog a couple of times so it really is something that anyone can enjoy!

joyforallproductsWhile my grandmother has always been a dog person, if you are like me and your preference is cats HASBRO JOY FOR ALL™ Companion Pets also come in a cat version. It works just like the pup in that it responds to petting, hugging, and motion. It even purrs!

You can head to the website to order your very own JOY FOR ALL Companion Pet and use the coupon code JOY2016 to take 10% off of our purchase.


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