Valentine's Day Cards With Animals Attached Saying "I'm Wild About You Valentine!"Next week is Little E’s Valentine’s Day party at preschool. I have been wracking my bring trying to come up with something cute and unique for him to pass out to his friends. I already know that there will probably be conversation hearts, pencils, and candy passed out so I was trying to think outside of the box.

The other night E was playing with some little plastic animals when the idea struck me that I could actually attach the animals to a card and pass them out at school! They would not only be really cute but it would be something that kids could actually use after Valentine’s Day has passed.

Valentine's Day Cards and small plastic zoo animalsThe first thing you will want to do is to pick up a package of the plastic animals. There are a variety of places you can get them, but you are likely to find them at retailers such as Walmart or Target as well as toy stores, or even online. Be sure to get enough so you have at least one for each child in the class.

Next you will want to print out these adorable cards that I created. I suggest printing them using a laser printer on card stock in order to get the best results. I just had them printed at a print store down the street. You can download the file HERE.

Wild About You Printable Valentine's Day CardAfter you have printed the cards and cut them apart, you will want to make two small slits in the cards for where you will attach the animals. On the card, right under the letters, there is an empty space in the grass which would be perfect to attach the animal.

Two small holes cut in card with X-Acto knife.

Next, you will take a small twisty tie or and attach the plastic animal to the card.  Twist the tie so that it is secure and push the ends of the tie so that they are flush with the card.

Plastic animal attached to Valentine's Day card with a twist tie.

Now you have an adorable Valentine’s Day card for your child to pass out at school. Now that was easy, wasn’t it?


Note: These cards are for personal use only. Please do not alter in any way. If you share, I would appreciate a link back to Third Stop on the Right.


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