For as long as I can remember it has been a tradition in my family to ice Christmas cookies together. It is something that I have made a point to continue with my boys. By baking, and then decorating, the cookies it not only allows us the opportunity to spend quality time together but it also allows the boys the chance to be creative.

Batter_With_MixerDoughInMixerHere’s the thing, though. Often when we are done with the process there are more cookies than we could (or should!) eat. After all, the real fun is in the decorating, isn’t it?

Instead of letting these cookies go to waste (and to protect my waistline) this year I decided to take a slightly different approach. We still made and iced our cookies as usual, but this year we actually made more cookies. Sounds counter-intuitive, right?

The thing is, these cookies weren’t for us. Instead, I planned to #SpreadCheer with the cookies. In addition to allowing the boys to explore their creativity, I also strive to teach them values — importantly, being generous and caring for the less fortunate. 

Our church regularly volunteers at a local soup kitchen. Last year after Christmas, I purchased over 100 mugs at our local grocery store on clearance. I realized that these mugs, paired with some Christmas cookies would make a fantastic way to spread a little joy to some people who could really use it. 

Ethan_Cookie_CuttersMy family and I made up a huge batch of sugar cookies using Betty Crocker cookie mix that we picked up at our local Walmart. I allowed the boys to help with choosing the shapes and cutting the dough. 

Ethan_Icing_CookiesAfter baking all of the cookies and letting them cool, we had a family decorating “party.” I mixed up some bowls of colored icing using Betty Crocker’s Whipped icing and gave the boys some butter knives to use to decorate the cookies however they liked. 

Reese_With_IcingOk, so Reese did more eating than he did decorating, but he still loved it! 

Reese_With_Icing2I brought out sprinkles and let them use those to decorate those special cookies just the way that they liked them too. 

After we were done with the cookies, I let the icing harden. I then put several of the cookies into a sandwich bag and put them into the mug. I then packed them up to take over to the church for the next time we volunteer at the soup kitchen. 

It made me feel so good to be able to show the boys that we can use our time and resources to make cookies for our neighbors in need. Also, I figure many of these individuals who will be visiting the soup kitchen are just needing the basics and they problem don’t have anyone else to give them Christmas cookies. It is just our little way of spreading a little extra Christmas love and cheer. Plus, it is a great way for us to bond as a family!

This Christmas season, I am challenging you to help spread a little extra cheer in your community with the Betty Crocker Spread Cheer campaign. Download the printable gift tags as well as coloring sheets and make some cookies with your family and give them to friends, neighbors — and even strangers — to help spread a little bit of extra cheer this season. As I said before, a little extra love can go a long way!

A #SpreadCheer Giveaway

CookieBasketTo celebrate the Christmas season and to help you spread some of your own cheer, I am giving away a $20 Amazon Gift Card. Enter using the form below and if you win, use any winnings to help spread your own cheer! The giveaway ends at 11:59 p.m. on December 30, 2015. Good luck and go spread some cheer!

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  1. I saw a bunch of different recipes that I would like to make, The Holiday blossom cookies are super cute!

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