PatioDreamsSummer is in full swing and already I have been dreaming about updating our back patio. Two years ago, my husband did a fantastic job of removing the old wooden deck and replacing it with a beautiful paver patio. It gives us a great space to not only play with the kids but also to invite friends over and entertain while the kids play in the yard.

The only problem is that we don’t really have any good decor. If you are a long-time reader of my blog, you will know that three years ago we bought a fixer-upper house. Although we have made great strides, it seems that decorating the inside has always taken precedence to the outside. Currently, our patio is sort of a mishmash of kids toys, patio furniture we have had for years, and well, more kids toys. 

I am dying to give this outdoor space more of a grown up look. That’s why I have created this Patio Dreams wish list. These are all things that I would eventually love to be able to purchase in order to perk up our back patio.

Patio Dining Set

The patio dining set is pretty much the first piece that any patio should have. This is going to be the main place where you not only entertain guests, but can just use for sitting outside in the evening and relaxing. I love this set because it is sturdy enough to withstand weather all year, but also is functional and stylish.


Rain Barrel

I am really passionate about conserving our natural resources. This is why I love the idea of rain barrels so much. You don’t need water that has been treated in order to just water your plants. That’s why the idea of catching the water from your gutters and then being able to reuse it to water plants or the grass is so amazing. You can even use the water to wash your car. The best part is that the barrels come in all shapes, sizes, and designs so that you can pick which one suits you best. I am a big fan of this urn-shaped rain barrel because it can really blend in to the decor that you already have on your patio.

Pond Light

When we bought our house we inherited a Koi pond in the backyard. I have always dreamed of having a water feature and a fish pond at my house so when I found out about this it was a huge bonus. The only problem is that the pond was neglected for a long time and really needs some TLC. Currently, the pond is part of our retaining wall, so at night you can’t really enjoy it. These lights would be amazing because at night they would light up the water fountain and the pond so we could sit on the back patio and watch it!

Swing Set

The kids love playing outside this time of year. However, our patio is currently littered with a sand box, climber, slide, and a swing. Having an awesome swing set such as this one would be great because it would consolidate all of those small toys into one piece that is not only attractive, but that won’t take up patio space. Wayfair has such an amazing selection of swing sets that will fit any size yard and any size budget. 

I can’t wait to get started on creating the patio of my dreams this summer. The best part is that all of these items are available from, and can be delivered with free shipping! So no going from store to store and then having to arrange (and pay extra) for shipping.

Mayfair also has tons of ideas and inspiration on their website which makes them your first, and really your only stop, for all of your decorating needs!

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