fallcleanout_titleI moved this summer. Let me tell you, I have WAY more stuff than I thought. The problem is that this new house is slightly smaller than my old one. I have more storage in some areas and less in others.

While trying to find room for all my stuff I realized that I needed to clean out a lot of stuff. There were things that I needed to throw away, things I could sell, and many things that I could donate.

I began by making three piles: one for throw away, one for selling, and one for donating.

Throw Away

This is probably the most obvious box. If it is broken, missing pieces, or otherwise unusable then throw it away. Also, sort through and throw away any unneeded mail, throw out old magazines, and rid yourself of any extra papers. Also, take a look through your pantry and dispose of any old or outdated food.


There are certain things you may be able to make some money from. Things such as electronics, clothes, collectibles, and even furniture could put some extra cash in your pocket. Check sites such as Craigslist, Ebay, and even Facebook yard sale groups.


Whether it is clothes you don’t wear anymore, toys your children have outgrown, or unnecessary household goods, there are charities that can benefit from your donations. My general rule of thumb is that if I COULD use the item but just don’t need or want it then it is something to donate. Don’t donate anything that is stained or broken — just throw those things away. By donating to charity you are not only helping others in need, but it can also give you a nice little tax write-off.

heftybagsRegardless of which pile my unneeded items go into, I need the strength and reliability of the Hefty Ultra Strong bags to either haul the stuff to the curb or haul it to the donation center.

These bags feature a break-resistant draw string and tear-resistant technology. Plus, it comes with Arm & Hammer odor neutralizers so you don’t have to worry about pesky odors.

Even John Cena depends on Hefty.

Yeah, I just had to throw that in because, let’s face it, John Cena is pretty funny — and pretty cute!

heftybagsI use Hefty Ultra Strong 13-gallon bags for all of my kitchen and household needs. Plus, these bags in a variety of odor-neutralizing scents.

For a limited time, be sure to print out money-saving coupons for Hefty garbage bags. That way, you can get all of the strength you need when it comes to trash bags. No need for John Cena. Just reach for Hefty bags.

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