twitter_1024x512_EHave you heard of Giving Tuesday? After several days of shopping for deals it is time to stop and reflect on our blessings and take time to give back. This is what Giving Tuesday is all about. 

Every time I see my boys running and playing I feel blessed. I feel blessed that we live in a country where we don’t have to worry about the threat of diseases such as polio, which is known for robbing children of their ability to run, dance, and even walk. Thankfully, we are 99% of the way to eradicating polio across the globe. 

In 1988, there were 350,000 cases of polio in 125 countries. Today, this has been reduced to only 51 cases in two countries: Afghanistan and Pakistan. However, as long as polio exists anywhere in the world, it is a danger to children all over the world. 

I have always felt proud to be from Pittsburgh, and one of those reasons is that the polio vaccine developed by Jonas Salk was developed at the University of Pittsburgh right in the heart of the city. This vaccine changed the lives of millions of children then and is continuing to save lives. In a city of champions, Jonas Salk is one of the biggest heroes. 

Now it is time to eradicate this disease across the globe. 

This is why my sons and I are dancing for a polio-free world. We are dancing so that every child has the opportunity to dance. We are dancing until every child has the opportunity to receive a life-saving polio vaccine. We are dancing so that resources previously used to fight polio can be reallocated to other missions. We are dancing so because your access to vaccines shouldn’t be based on where you live.

This is why we are donating to give children a Shot@Life. Not is is your turn. What cause are you dancing for this Giving Tuesday?

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