Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 11.26.27 AMMy boys love being creative. They love pretending, building, and designing. I love theta they have such great imaginations and it is something I really wan tot continually develop. I’ve found a great toy to assist in doing this is Mega Bloks. 

Mega Bloks are one of those staple toys that belong in every child’s toy box. In addition, to being sturdy they also encourage creative play. I particularly like the ABC Spell School Bus and the Fast Tracks Raceway set. Ideal, for ages 1 to 5 these blocks are easy for little hands to manipulate. 

The Fast Tracks Raceway set is perfect for E, especially because he loves cars and even has a race car-themed bedroom. This set has 50 pieces, including easy-to-build tracks and three building plates, plus fun sticker sheets for your little one to customize their racetrack. 

Now that R is almost 1, I want to begin introducing him to the concept of letters and numbers. I think that it is important to expose children to these concepts early so that they when they are older, they will be able to learn them easier. With over 40 pieces, the ABC Spell School Bus allows you to introduce your child learning by helping him match letters with pictures of everyday objects.

What is nice is that both of these sets are compatible with all of Mega Bloks First Builders Bloks. That way you can mix and match sets to come up with designs that are completely unique to your kids! 

Mega Bloks are available at all major retailers, toy stores, and of course at If you order through Amazon and choose 2-day shipping you can even receive them by Christmas!

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