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Weeknight meals are difficult in my house. I feel that by the time I get done working and get my kids off the bus, there isn’t much time left for preparing any sort of elaborate dinner.

Ok, let’s be honest. Most night’s it’s a scrabble to get dinner on the table.

Thankfully, I recently discovered what has quickly become a staple in my pantry — No Yolks Egg Noodles. These noodles are perfect for so many different recipes, the possibilities are endless.

I particularly like the No Yolks brand since these noodles are a healthier egg noodle option. No Yolks are made from egg whites and no cholesterol, and are low in fat and sodium. Plus, I can be sure that these noodles will cook up smooth, firm, and fluffy — perfect for complimenting your favorite recipes.

While there are tons of ways to use these No Yolks noodles, here are three of my favorite ways.

Alternative Uses for Egg Noodles


One of my favorite easy meals is Slow Cooker Chicken Casserole. This meal can be popped in the slow cooker in the morning and will be done when you are ready for dinner. Egg noodles are actually perfect in all sorts of casseroles, including Tuna Noodle and or even a Beef Noodle Bake.


If you are looking for noodles with a little more depth, the No Yolks Egg Noodles are perfect for using with traditional pasta dishes such as Baked Ziti or even just plain spaghetti.


My kids love soups. The problem is that they are not such fans of broth so they like to have as many of the noodles as possible. I have found a great way to solve this problem is to cook up some No Yolks and add it to the finished soup to add more substance to the soup. You can add just a small amount of noodles or if it is a large batch of soup (or homemade soup!) you can use a lot of the noodles.

These egg noodles are perfect for more out-of-the-box dinner ideas as well including taco dishes, spicy noodles, and other mouth-watering recipes. You can find all sorts of delicious inspiration on the No Yolks website.

You can purchase No Yolks Egg Noodles in a variety of different styles, including Broad, Extra Broad, Fine, Kluski, Dumplings, and even Stir-Fry. My go-to is the broad noodles, however. The No Yolks Egg Noodles can be purchased wherever you purchase groceries.

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