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My son loves creative play. He can come up with intricate stories with just about anything — actual toys or even just random objects he finds. When he is playing the adventures are endless — and I know that he is learning.

In fact, I used to be the same way. I would get in trouble for playing with simple things like erasers or stickers in my desk. Back at the time I was somewhat embarrassed about always getting in trouble but now that I’m older I realize that that kind of play and creativity have helped mold me into who I am.

You see, I eventually majored in journalism and public relations, and eventually became a blogger. It is the ability to make a story out of anything, even something as simple as an eraser, that allows me to be able to craft the stories that you read on my blog each day.

Often, I feel like we suppress our children to meet society’s norms, particularly those set by the schools, to follow the norms. They tell us that school is a time for learning and not for playing, but when we think of play AS learning then maybe our attitudes would change.

I actually feel that schools need more play.

Now hear me out.

Starting from when kids start kindergarten, they hit the ground running academically. Especially nowadays. I have even heard some people advocating that recess and activity periods need to be done away, or electives need replaced, so that more academics can be taught. When I heard this I became alarmed.

Kids don’t determine what their passions are by reading books or doing homework. They determine their passion by actually doing. By experiencing. This might mean taking an art or music class; by constructing or deconstructing LEGOS; by writing songs, poems, or stories; or even by playing sports.

There is so much to be learned through play. It not only teaches kids what their passions are, but even the things that they aren’t so good at teaches things like how to be a good sport and allows them to expand their horizons.

The Genius of Play initiative maintains that play is important for teaching kids valuable skills which will last a lifetime. Find out more about The Genius of Play and their ideas for making sure that your children are getting enough play at their website.

This is why we need to protect, and even expand, the opportunity that kids need to play and grow and experience. Academics are important but so is allowing kids to be able to learn in alternative ways and to truly discover themselves.

It is for this reason that I support play, and all of the things that come with it.

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