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In my family, we all take turns making appetizers for family events. Whether it is dips, cheese trays, or small snacks, we are always trying to mix it up.

I know we have a lot of events coming up, including an Easter celebration this month. I’ve started thinking ahead for what I can make and I came up with these delicious pepperoni rolls made from crescent rolls.

Our Easter tradition involves going to church in the morning, coming home and hunting for baskets and eggs, and having dinner in the early afternoon. The thing about having lunch that late is that it is leaves plenty of room for snacking! That’s why these rolls are perfect.

Everyone seems to have a tube of Pillsbury crescent rolls hanging around. Well, put those rolls to work! If you don’t have any tubes of Pillsbury crescent rolls, you can pick one up in the refrigerator section of your local Walmart.

This recipe is deliciously easy to make as well.

You will need:

You will begin by opening the can of the Pillsbury crescent rolls and spreading out the rolls (they will look like triangles).

Place a half a stick of the mozzarella in the triangle along with some of the pepperoni and roll up the roll. Tuck the ends up so that it creates a pouch. This will hold in all of the pepperoni and cheese. Do this with all of the triangles.

Place in the oven to bake until golden brown. The cheese and pepperoni paired with the flaky goodness of the Pillsbury™ crescent roll makes this a tasty appetizer that is sure to please everyone at the party!

I look forward to being able to serve these at our Easter gathering, but I’m guessing they won’t last long!

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