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product-frontMy son has an interest in anything electronic or mechanical. He s interested in how thing work, why they do what they do, and other technical aspects. This is in addition to the fact that he loves designing and building things.

I have a feeling that as he gets older he will really enjoy things such as robotics, engineering, and even computers and coding. Since he has already shown an interest in these things, I feel is is really important to cultivate it. This is why I try to purchase educational toys for him for both his birthday and holidays.

I recently found out about a toy called Cubetto, which is designed to introduce children to coding before they can even read. In fact, there is no reading involved to use it and it doesn’t even use a screen!

Instead of a screen, Cubetto uses a friendly, wooden robot named Cubetto, a physical programming console, a set of coding blocks, illustrated maps, and an activity book. Using these thing, children can create sequences that program and control the robot’s movements.

primo-561How it works is children control Cubetto’s movements by placing colored blocks on the physical console. The goal is to navigate Cubetto through stories and challenges. This helps children develop computational thinking skills as well as enhances children’s sequencing and communication skills.

Not only is this toy great for children such as my son, but it is also ideal for non-sighted children as well as children with disabilities.

Cubetto is available for $225 from Primo Toys or $245 when you uncle Cubetto with the activity pack (normally $65 on its own).

I know that Cubetto is something that my son would love and it would be ideal for any other kids who have an interest in robotics, engineering, or even coding.

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