19 LEGO ProductsMy boys are totally LEGO crazy these days. Everything seems to involve bricks and/or mini figures. In looking for LEGO-related things for the boys, I came across some really cool products I wanted to share. Seriously, you must check these out if you have a LEGO-lover in your life.

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LEGO Big Toy Bucket: Reminiscent of a construction tool bucket, this makes it easy to tote LEGOS anywhere.

LEGO Brick Storage: This LEGO product looks like an oversized brick, but it is actually used to store LEGOS.

LEGO Storage Organizer and Floor Mat: One thing I hate is LEGOs all stuck in the carpet. This floor mat is perfect since it keeps all the LEGOs contained and when you are done, cinch it closed.


Brick Popper: Have you ever tried using your nail to separate two LEGOs? Ouch. This brick popper helps to separate the bricks easily — and painlessly.

Classic Brick Separator: This is similar to the tool above, but its just a variation with two different ends.


Organizer Case With Building Plate: This organizer case with building plate would be perfect to take on trips as kids can build on the top baseplate and then store the LEGOs in the case underneath.

LEGO Classic Green Base Plate: This is a staple for any child, plus since it is rigid kids can build on it and then move it anywhere.

LEGO-Compatible 5×5 Building Boards: This is a phenomenal deal for these building boards. Plus, they come in pink! It is great since kids can set up several building scenes and then take them with them.

Building Bricks Flexible Base Plate: I bought this for my boys for Christmas and I couldn’t be happier. It is compatible with both regular LEGO bricks as well as DUPLO and since it is flexible you can even attach it to walls and wrap it around corners!

Fun Accessories

LEGO Toilet Bowl Set: Because of course LEGO figures need to use the restroom as well!

Soda Can Drink Pack: Have you noticed the names such as Mt. Brick, or Mr. Brick? These mini soda cans are too cute!

Minifigure Lot: Minifigures are a hot commodity when it comes to LEGOs. This lot is a great way to stock up on your figures and they cost less than buying a blind bag.

Fun in the Park Minifigure: I admit that I haven’t seen a baby LEGO minifigure before so I thought this set was really cute.

Bedroom Accessories

Colorful Brick Design Light Switch Plate: This is an adorable touch for any child’s bedroom.

LEGO Brick Light Up Alarm Clock: Of course any child needs the means to be able to tell time!

LEGO City Sheet Set: Don’t just play with your LEGOs, but with this sheet set you can also sleep on some of your favorite LEGO City characters.

LEGO Ice Cube Tray: These are great not only for making ice cubes but also making chocolate or candies.

Spiral LEGO Lamp: Of course, this is another totally unique way to make a statement in your child’s bedroom.

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