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When most people think of gift cards, they think of holidays — birthday,  Christmas, graduation, and any other occasion where giving gifts is appropriate. What most people don’t think of though is using gift cards on a daily basis.

I looked into some of the benefits of using gift cards instead of cash and I found several good reasons to use gift cards instead of cash as well as several good reasons to use gift cards more frequently.

They can be used liked cash. You can purchase gift cards and carry them like cash. Even if you don’t use the total amount on the card, your balance will carry over until your next visit.

They never expire. Most gift cards never expire. This means if you buy a retailer gift card today but don’t use it for a year it will still be good! Some cards do charge a service fee after a certain amount of time, so be sure to check the back of the gift card for terms and conditions.

They make great gifts. One of the major uses for gift cards is gift giving. I know I am often at a loss for what to give people for special events. A gift card allows your recipient to buy exactly what they want.

They can be purchased with a rewards credit card. When you purchase gift cards using your rewards credit card you can not only get all of the benefits of a gift card, but you can also same some money. This may be money off of gas, airplane miles, or even cash back, but be sure to make your purchase work for you!

They can save you money. Did you know that you can actually securely buy preowned gift cards at up to 35% off? These are major retailer gift cards too! Cardpool is a gift card exchange that makes it easy to safely and securely buy preowned gift cards and even sell gift cards at 92% of their value. Plus, the cards are guaranteed!

Right now, from March 17 to March 31, 2017, ups can save up to 11% on gift cards from top brands such as Nordstrom (10%), JCPenny (11%), Toys R Us (11%), and more!

This means that whether you are giving a gift card as a gift or hitting the stores yourself, be sure to check out Cardpool first!

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