This beautiful Winter Wine Glass Centerpiece is a unique addition to a holiday table, mantle, or even bookcase. Plus, it uses materials that you can get from the Dollar Store!I’m sure that you have seen the cute upside down wine glass candle holders before. This year, I found some wine glasses at my local Dollar Store that I thought would be perfect to create a cute winter wine glass centerpiece.

What is great is that this centerpiece costs less than $15 to make and overall it is pretty easy!

You will want to purchase:

  • Holiday miniatures
  • 3 different sized wine glasses
  • Paper cake base
  • Hot glue
  • Mod Podge
  • White glitter ornament filler
  • White acrylic paint
  • Sponge paint brush
  • Small candles

circlesforminiaturesI began with a silver cake base. This is the kind that you put on a cake plate before decorating a cake. I placed the wine glasses, upside down, on the base to position them how I wanted them. Then, using a pencil, I traced the rim of the glass onto the base. This is so I know where to place the miniatures.

miniaturesincirclesminiaturesforcenterpieceNext, I placed a variety of holiday and winter miniatures inside the circles so that they would be inside the wine glass. I used a reindeer, holiday mailbox, fir trees, and some holiday signs. I attached them all with hot glue.

shreddedsnowI wanted to have some snow around the miniatures so I used a thick layer of Modge Podge and placed some shredded ornament filler on top of it to glue it down. I then put a layer of hot glue along the rim of the wine glass and glued the wine glass to the base.

miniaturesinwineglassI wanted the wine glasses to have a snowy look so I used some white acrylic paint and a sponge brush to dab at the wine glass stem and base until they were covered. Then, using a very light coat of paint I dabbed at the glass itself to make it look like it was snowing over the wine glass. I was careful to leave the front of the glass open so that you can still see the miniatures though.

Once you are done you can then transfer the base to a table, mantle, or wherever else you would like to display it. For the finishing touch, place three small pillar candles on the top of the glasses. I guarantee you this wine glass centerpiece will be a really cute and unique focal point!

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