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It is that time of year again when my family starts to think about our neighborhood’s annual garage sale. This sale happens once a year and is a great opportunity for us to get rid of some stuff that we don’t use anymore while making a little bit of money in the meantime. 

Our basement tends to be a place where we store everything that we otherwise don’t have a place for. In fact, we have totes full of baby clothes, photos and photo albums, craft supplies, and of course, holiday decorations. Unfortunately, all of these things seem to get stacked in the middle of the floor in the basement. We have a few sets of shelves but most of them aren’t heavy-duty enough to handle the weight of all the totes that we have. 

This year, we decided that we were going to invest in some high-quality, heavy-duty shelves in order to try and get our basement back in order. Naturally, I went to Wayfair since they have such as great selection and I can have it shipped right to my door for free! We decided to go with these shelves.

These shelves come in two options, 48-inches wide and 60-inches wide. We had a lot of stuff we needed to store so we decided to go with the 60-inch option. What is nice about this option, if you have the space, is that it can fit three standard-sized totes side-by-side on each shelf. This means that you can get 9 totes at least in one of the shelves. 

The shelves can be a little tricky to put together so I suggest that you make it a two-person job. Also the shelves don’t transport easily so you should build it wherever it is going to stay.

Having these shelves have made my basement look so more organized (plus it has given me reason to look through all the totes for garage sale items!). We are actually planning on purchasing at least two or three more sets for in the future. Check out to find a wide variety of storage and organization items.


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