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Unless you have been living under a rock for the past year, I’m sure that you are aware of the leggings craze. Even saying that you are a guy doesn’t exempt you from noticing this craze — I know you’ve noticed it. You may even have a few pairs of LuLaRoe leggings in your closet. I think I have about eight pair. Lot of people I know have even more. I love these leggings. They are not only ridiculously soft, but also functional.

One of my favorite pair, and also one of the hardest to get ahold of, are my black ones. Recently, I’ve found another viable option when it comes to black, and even patterned, leggings. An option that even rivals LuLaRoe. The are Viv Collection leggings. In fact, I like these new ones so much I decided to break down the difference between LuLaRoe and Viv leggings to show why I made the switch.


This is what originally drew me to try the Viv leggings. Black LuLaRoe leggings costs $25 plus $3 for shopping. while its not horrible for high-quality leggings, it is a little expensive. I found the Viv leggings online at Amazon for only $11.99 plus free shipping with Amazon Prime. This means I can buy two of the Viv pairs for the cost of one LuLaRoe pair.


I love that I can buy Viv leggings online at Amazon. No frantically searching through Facebook groups trying to find the elusive pair of black leggings, or that “unicorn” pattern you want. Just hop on Amazon and order a pair!


As I said before, I have a lot of pairs of LuLaRoe including a black pair I wear frequently. I wanted another black pair and was skeptical that the Viv pair could be as comfy and high quality.

When I opened the package the Viv pair had a single elastic band instead of the panel like the LuLaRoe ones. I wasn’t sure if it would provide the same slimming effect as the LuLaRoe leggings. The Viv leggings are in fact high-waisted and the waistband seems to work really well.

LuLaRoe and Viv Black LeggingsThere could probably be a little more of a slimming effect, but when you wear a long top there isn’t much of a difference. I’ve washed this pair of Viv leggings several times as well and they have held up really well. No only is the color not faded, but they have also held their shape with no holes or snags. You just use the same washing technique as you would with LuLaRoe: cold wash on gentle cycle and hang to dry.

See-through Factor.

One of the things I liked about the black LuLaRoe leggings is they weren’t see-through. Embarrassingly, I have had some cheap pairs that may as well have been tights when they were on! I was worried that these Viv ones would be like those inexpensive ones but thankfully these, like LuLaRoe, are pretty good and not showing anything extra!

All things considered I’m pretty excited by this find, especially when it comes to the black leggings. They are less than half the price of a pair of LuLaRoe and are of comparable fit, quality, and comfort. I highly suggest checking out at least the back ones, if not the patterned ones as well, as a basic wardrobe staple. Just head over to Amazon and check out the Viv Collection!


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