Valentine'sDayBucketValentine’s Day is one of those tricky holidays. Most people think of flowers, candy, and jewelry. The problem is, flowers and candy are rather overplayed and jewelry isn’t appropriate if you haven’t been together long.

This year I came up with the perfect solution. I gathered up some items that would be cute gifts and combined them into a gift basket and card.

I started out with a card that said:

“You make my heart bubble
Because I hit the lotto with you.
You are my favorite person
So here are some of your favorite things.”
Happy Valentine’s Day!

ChampagneInBucketI had a small red bucket that I got at Walmart. I filled the bucket with basket filler and tissue paper.

FillerInBucketFor the part that says “you make my heart bubble” I put a bottle of champagne in the bucket. You can also use sparkling grape juice or cider for a nonalcoholic version.

Sine I “hit the lotto” I bought several lottery scratch-off tickets which I attached to heart stakes and put in the bucket.

LotteryTicketsInBucketYou can even tuck some additional gifts inside of the tissue paper or even in the basket filler as an extra surprise.

This would be a really cute gift for someone who hasn’t been dating for that long. It is sentimental and lets that person know that they are social but it isn’t too sappy or inappropriately expensive.

For additional Valentine’s Day inspiration including wreaths, home decor, and kids’ activities, check out my Valentine’s Day section!

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  1. What a lovely idea. I’ve yet to see a bucket as a gift and you made it so personalized. I think my husband would love this more than the traditional women’s basket! Going to have to tell my girl friends about this. Very cute to do with the kids as well!


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