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Transforming Our Little Tikes Wagon Into A Safari-Themed Wagon

Halloween_Wagon_titleNeither of my boys have the stamina to walk long distances. This is why we love our Little Tikes Cozy Coupe wagon. This has been a savior in so many different situations such as amusement parks, the zoo, and even walks around the neighborhood. This is why I am absolutely planning on taking the wagon with us Trick-or-Treating.

Last year, I saw some other parents decorating their children’s wagons in order to match the kid’s costumes. I thought that this was a fabulous idea except I had no idea what sort of coordinating costumes I could do for the boys. That was until my boys decided to be a monkey and a lion this year for Halloween and I realized I could do a safari-themed wagon!

Halloween_Wagon1I debated how to create this jungle themed wagon as I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on it, especially since it would only be for one night. It turns out with a little bit of creativity (and a little bit of luck) I found a great way to make our wagon!

Halloween_Wagon2Baby R had had a jungle-themed first birthday party and I had saved some of the decorations. One of these decorations was a folded table centerpiece. I was able to use this centerpiece to wrap one side of the wagon. The other side has a door that swings open so it wouldn’t have worked on that side.


Halloween_Wagon8I then added in a few jungle stuffed animals such as a leopard, frog, and a lion. I draped those over the sides of the wagon as well as the background.

Halloween_Wagon4Little E chose a monkey costume for this year and I bought Baby R a lion costume which I thought was adorable. However, I am not sure that he feels the same way.

Halloween_Wagon5Yep, I’m pretty sure he is done.

Halloween_Wagon7Oh wait, he’s back but without the lion mane. 

Halloween_Wagon6Instead of riding in the wagon I guess he would rather pull it.

Halloween_Wagon9So I tried to get them both in the wagon one more time. Failure.

Halloween_Wagon10In addition to the stuffed animals and the jungle background, I also added a jungle print hand-tied blanket to the wagon in order to keep the boys warm on Trick-or-Treat night. This also fit perfectly with the theme and even had leopards and monkeys on it.

Halloween_Wagon11Little E is really looking forward to taking this super-cute wagon out in order to show off his monkey costume in just a few weeks. I am looking forward to not having to carry him home and our Little Tikes Cozy Coupe wagon giving my back a break!

Halloween_Wagon12I’m just hoping that I’ll be able to get Baby R to ride in it too! At least I have a couple of weeks to warm him up to the idea! 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.