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Recycling is very important to me. Since having children, I have really appreciated the importance of keeping our planet clean. I want the planet that my sons inherit to be as good, if not better, than the one I inherited. This is why I try to purchase products that are able to be recycled, made from recycled products, or are generally environmentally-friendly.

EcoAdvancedBatteriesBatteries have always been something that concerned me. With two boys, it seems that almost every toy they own moves, makes noise, or is electronic and, of course, all of them need batteries. Sometimes I think we go through AA batteries like water. I hate the thought of just tossing batteries into the trash and sending them to a landfill. 

EcoAdvancedThen I heard about these awesome brand new AA batteries called the Energizer EcoAdvanced batteries. These batteries are not only Energizer’s longest lasting alkaline batteries ever, but they are also the first battery on the market to use recycled batteries and materials. In fact, these batteries will stay good in storage for up to 12 years! Not that we would ever let batteries sit around — there are too many fun things to power!

In addition to batteries, our house seems to churn through a lot of plastic bottles.In fact, Americans toss more than 25 tons of plastic into landfills each year. Instead of tossing those old shampoo bottles, why not make them into something better — and something that your kids will love too? (Just like those Energizer Batteries!)

Anyway, I decided to take some of our old shampoo bottles and instead make them into unique art supply holders.

Upcycled Shampoo Bottle*Note: Although the finished product is for kids, the making of this project uses sharp tools and hot glue, which should only be handled by an adult.*

Upcycled Shampoo Bottle SuppliesYou will need a fresh, sharp Xacto or utility knife for this project. Be sure to cut on a surface that won’t cause any damage. I tend to prefer cork squares as I can use and reuse them (earth friendly!), however, you can also use phone books or even thick cardboard. 

Upcycled Shampoo BottleI began by cutting the shampoo bottle in half. You will be using the bottom half for the art supplies, so leave as much room as you think you will need. 

ShampooBottle4Now it’s time to start decorating the bottle. I hot glued two googly eyes onto the bottle.

ShampooBottle5After gluing on the eyes, I cut two thin strips from the other half of the bottle that I didn’t use in order to make some arms for this little alien. After cutting the strips I just hot glued them to the back of the bottle. If you don’t have enough of the plastic left over, you can also use pipe cleaners for the arms.

ShampooBottle6I glued some little pom poms onto the ends of the plastic strips to make them look like hands, or gloves, or whatever it is that aliens have! 

ShampooBottle7I cut a pipe cleaner in half and glued a pom pom to the end of it in order to make antennae. I just stuck the other end of the antenna inside of the bottle and glued it down so it wouldn’t come out.

ShampooBottle8Finally, I drew on the mouth using a regular old sharpie. If you are using a dark colored bottle, the silver Sharpies are excellent for drawing on details.  Get creative with it! Maybe you want your monster to have teeth or fangs or maybe you want it to just be smiling, do whatever you think looks best!

ShampooBottle9I was planning on using these art supply holders on a dry erase board which is attached to my kids’ easel. Because of this, I opted to attach a suction cup to the back. The suction cup works great if you are wanting to attach one of these holders to a dry erase board, window, or even a bathtub! To attach the suction cup, I just cut a small hole in the back of the bottle with my knife and pushed the suction cup through.

If you are wanting to attach them to something that a suction cup won’t work with such as a chalkboard or a wall, you can always use one of those removable adhesive strips which will work just as well.

Upcycled Shampoo BottleOnce you are done, just attach them to whatever surface you want, fill them with supplies and you are ready to go. My kids loved these ones that I made, and they really are so easy to do. Plus, you are taking something old and making it new again! Just like the Energizer EcoAdvanced batteries.

Energizer EcoAdvanced Batteries WalmartTo do you part in saving the planet (as well as keeping all of your kids’ toys powered up!) pick up some Energizer EcoAdvanced batteries at your nearest Walmart in the battery isle. You can also learn more about these innovative new batteries by visiting In addition to AA size, the EcoAdvanced batteries are also available in AAA.

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  1. Buy rechargeable batteries and a charger. My Wii remote seems to eat batteries so a charger and rechargeable batteries are much cheaper than buying new batteries. And better for the environment.

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