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It’s 8 o’clock at night and the kids are at it again. They are fighting about what they want in their lunch boxes for the next day.

My son is starting kindergarten this year and I am anticipating many of these fights in the coming months.

So what is a busy mom to do?

Let’s face it, moms. Packing lunches is probably one of our least favorite chores in the whole back to school experience. It is our responsibility to not only make sure I have enough supplies for lunches, but also that what I have is filling.

With the start of school, one thing I have been stocking up on is Yoplait yogurt multipacks.

My boys love yogurt and it’s my go-to for easy snacks and for meals. They both love the variety of flavors and I love that it helps fill them up. In fact, we go through so much that it is only practical to purchase the multipacks!

What is particularly great about the Yoplait multipacks is that now they have been redesigned with a box that opens on the top so you can easily see when you need to stock up again or what flavors are left in the box. Plus, the slim design of the package is easy to fit in the fridge.

I know for sure I’m going to be using a lot of this yogurt this coming year with my son. Plus, the yogurt comes in five different flavors so he won’t get bored. (Right now we are loving the Strawberry, Peach, and Strawberry Banana!)

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You can pick up Yoplait Multipacks, in their new packaging, in the cooler section of your local Walmart. Just look for the box that opens at the top!

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