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We have done a ton of traveling this summer, from overnight trips to full weeks at the beach. This also means that I’ve done a lot of traveling with kids. While these travels have resulted in a lot of laughs and tons of memories, there are some things I’ve learned to make the experience smoother.

Take several sets of extra clothes. It doesn’t matter where you are, kids seem to always know how to make a mess of an outfit. With younger kids this could mean potty accidents and with older kids it could mean spills, dirt, or even food on the clothes. Stay on the safe side and pack an extra outfit or two — especially if you are going anywhere that requires dressing up.

Take things to keep them entertained. I always seem to be carrying a large bag or backpack with me that has a variety of things to keep my kids entertained. This is true whether we are going to a restaurant, to church, or even on trips. I pack things such as snacks, coloring books and crayons, small games, and even tablets.

Air mattresses are your friends. I have two air mattresses that I take on almost every trip with me. With a two-year-old and a five-year-old they can’t easily share the same bed so I am often finding myself having to make them up beds on the floor. Of course I want something a little more comfortable and a lot more sanitary than a bare hotel floor which is why these air mattresses are perfect.

One of my favorite mattresses is the Fortech 17″ Queen Airbed. This airbed features a built-in Alwayzaire pump and three present comfort levels. The best part is that it will never go flat on you!

It also features:

  • 75% more puncture resistance
  • A built-in electric Alwayzaire pump which continuously monitors and maintains air pressure
  • A user-friendly pump panel with three options for bed firmness and one-click operation
  • Inflates in 150 seconds

You can purchase the Fortech 17″ Queen Airbed at your local Walmart.

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