ProteinBar_SpreadKindnessHave you ever seen the look on someone’s face when you do something totally unexpected for them? How about when that person is a complete stranger? These random acts of kindness often leave people looking confused. Some might be thinking that there has to be some sort of string attached or maybe you are selling something. 

Often, they have a look of surprise when instead of a sales pitch you instead smile and wish them a great day. They’ve just experienced a random act of kindness.

We live in a very self-focused world. Although most of us don’t set out to be this way, it often happens unintentionally among the hustle and bustle of work, kids activities, and life in general. Sometimes we need a reminder to slow down. This is why I love random acts of kindness. Not only are they a way to make someone else smile, but it is a reminder that we are not alone in the world and everyone can use a helping hand now and again. 

The holiday season is upon us and this means that lots of people are going to be out and about, buying trimming for our holiday dinners, navigating parking lots to find a space, and scouring the stores for that perfect Christmas gift. Often, with all of this chaos, we lose sight of the true meaning of the holidays. This is why this is a perfect time to do some acts of kindness. 

ZonePerfect_Perfectly_SimpleOne of the ways that are are doing acts of kindness this Christmas season is by passing out some of ZonePerfect’s Perfectly Simple protein bars to shoppers that we encounter at the mall, on the streets, or anywhere else there may be a large group of people. The Perfectly Simple bars are perfect for this act of kindness especially since they are high in protein so they will keep people fuller longer, especially when they are out doing Christmas shopping. 

Additionally, the ZonePerfect Perfectly Simple bars come in four delicious flavors including:

  • Almond Toffee Crunch
  • Bing Cherry & Almond 
  • Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk 
  • Roasted Cashew & Dark Chocolate

I, personally, love the Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk as well as the Roasted Cashew & Dark Chocolate. No matter which flavor you love though, all of the Perfectly Simple bars are made up of simple flavors, 200 calories or less, are gluten-free, and are high in protein. A winning combination all around!

Right now there is a $1 off of a 5-count box of ZonePerfect Perfectly Simple bars which I used to buy several boxes of the protein bars at Target. I then tied a note onto the bars asking the recipient to pass on the kindness and stashed them in my diaper bag. This way, whenever we are at the mall or out shopping I can pass them out to someone who looks like they could use a little extra happiness in their day. Knowing that I made someone else smile for sure makes me #FeelGooder.

It’s my hope that by doing something so simple (and inexpensive!) in order to brighten someone else’s day that they will pass along this kindness. If we all take a little bit of time to brighten up each other’s lives it will make the world an all-around better place!

Comment On: What sort of random act of kindness will you preform this holiday season?


To help get you in the holiday spirit, and to possibly encourage some random acts of kindness, I am giving away a $15 Walmart gift card for checking out the Perfectly Simple website. Use it to buy Christmas gifts, or maybe buy some Perfectly Simple bars to pass out on your own. Just enter before 11:59 p.m. EST on November 30, 2015 for your chance to win!

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