VeteransDayGreatClipsThey are what history has dubbed “the greatest generation.” They gave of themselves while preserving  the world for us. They saved lives while giving theirs.  These are the veterans of World War Two. 

When enlisting in the military, some of these individuals were barely 18. They then shipped out to the European and Pacific theaters. It was there that they had to fight in unfamiliar countries in difficult conditions. They had to be away from their families and miss the birth of children and the deaths of family members. 

Some came back. Many didn’t. 

My paternal grandfather serving during World War Two.
My paternal grandfather serving during World War Two.

Both my paternal and maternal grandfathers served in World War Two in the Pacific and European, respectively. We were lucky enough that they both returned, but I’m sure that both were changed because of their experiences. 

Even though the World War Two generation in commonly referred to as “the greatest generation,” we owe a debt of gratitude to their military members and their families no matter from which generation or which conflict — if any. Even a military member hasn’t served overseas during any conflicts, they still signed up to serve at a moment’s notice. They were ready to serve the country whenever a threat might arise. 

This Veteran’s Day we need to be sure to tell our military members, both past and present, “thank you.” An easy way to do this is by simply doing what you already do — get your hair cut! On November 11, when you get any service at Great Clips customers can get a free haircut card to give to a veteran. The free haircut cards are redeemable by all current and past members of the military including active, inactive, retired, disabled and reserve members from any branch.  The free haircut cards are redeemable until Dec. 31, 2015.

This is an easy way to give back to those who have given so much to use. It really is the least that we can do. 

To find out more about Great Clips Veteran’s Day Program and to find a salon near you, just check out the Great Clips Veterans Day promotion page

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