Floors are a major part of owning a house. When I purchased my house there were a variety of different floor coverings that I had to contend with. Although my house did have beautiful hardwood flooring under the awful carpet, there is also a mix of hardwood laminate as well as ceramic tile. 

Tips for Caring for Floors

Whether you have hardwood floors, or laminate or even stone, they all do require a certain amount of special care to keep them look their best. 

Use furniture pads. I’ve made this mistake already and put scratches on my floors (ugh). Instead of risking scratching your floors like I did, buy some of those felt pads that stick to furniture legs. This will allow furniture to slide and not scratch.

Avoid water and standing spills. Water is an enemy of both laminate and hardwood. If you spill water or track water onto your floors, be sure to clean up the water or it can stain the floors.

Use a soft mop. As I said before, laminate and hardwood floors can scratch so you want to use a mop that is soft and will glide over the wood without scratching it. 

Choose the right solution. I recently discovered Bona Stone, Tile, and Laminate Cleaner. This is absolutely perfect because not only is it good for my laminate floors, but it also works on my ceramic tile. 

When you are preparing for spring cleaning, be sure to pick up the Bona Stone, Tile, and Laminate Cleaner. It is designed to rid your floors of dirt and grime, and leave them with a residue-free sparkle. 

Plus, the mop is easy to use. Just spray the quick-drying solution, and mop. It also has GREENGUARD GOLD certification which makes it safe for your home and your family. 

I love that I can use this product on all of my floors and not have to keep switching mops or solutions. You can purchase Bona mops and accessories at your favorite retailers.

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