Summer Strawberry Scented Soy Jar CandleOne of my absolute favorite summer scents is strawberry. I remember I used to have a strawberry scented candle back when I was in graduate school. I loved opening the windows, letting the fresh air in, and lighting the candle. Now whenever I smell a strawberry-scented candle it takes me back to that time. 

Recently, when I was at the craft store I stopped in the candle-making section. Much to my happiness, I found that there was a strawberry scent so I decided to make my own strawberry scented jar candle.

You can purchase all of the materials necessary to make your own strawberry scented jar candle by using the links below. (Note: These are affiliate links through Amazon.)

Soy Strawberry Jar Candle | What You’ll Need To Make A Strawberry Scented Jar Candle

Candle Making Supplies

I started with a large wide-mouthed glass Mason Jar and filled it with melted soy wax flakes. I actually melted the flakes in a separate glass jar since the jar that I am using to make the candle has the metal holder on it. I will note that you will need more flakes that will actually fit in the jar at once (if you are filling the jar to the top) so you will need to melt the flakes more than once. 

Once the flakes are melted you will want to add in the strawberry fragrance. I used approximately half of a 2 ounce bottle of fragrance to give it a nice, strong fragrance. I also added in about a fourth of a bottle of the red dye to give the candle a rich color. If you are looking for something a little more pink then you can use less dye. 

Now comes the most difficult part of the whole process. You will want to use a long candle wick with the pedestal at the base. Lower the wick into the liquid wax and push the pedestal to the bottom. You will want to keep the wick straight by attaching it to a pencil while the wax hardens. 

It will take about 2 hours for the wax to fully harden, but once it does, go ahead and trim the wick and light the candle.

I love the fragrance that this candle puts off and it absolutely takes me back to those days when I was in graduate school. What is even better is that this candle cost way less than what you would pay for a similar candle at a large retailer!

Be sure to always supervise the candle while it is burning, and use it in an area where there is nothing flammable nearby. 

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