When we bought our house the kitchen was ugly. I mean UGLY. That’s why when PPG Pittsburgh Paints The Voice of Color gave me the opportunity to participate in their Refresh Your Space challenge, I was all in.


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On the day we closed on the new house, the kitchen had an orange sherbet-colored bulkhead, a dingy beige colored backsplash, and an ugly green wallpaper on the lower half of the wall up to a dated chair rail. When we bought the house we knew that we wouldn’t be able to redo the entire kitchen for a few more years (have you seen how much cabinets cost these days??) so the opportunity to freshen up the paint was great!


Before I was able to get to painting, I needed to strop all of that ugly wallpaper off the walls. To do this I bought a bottle of Piranha wallpaper stripper at Lowe’s. I am so thankful that this room didn’t have textured walls. One of the upstairs bedrooms had wallpaper on it when we bought the house and let me tell you how much fun it is to remove wallpaper paste from a textured wall (it isn’t fun).


So after about two hours of spraying the Piranha on and scraping the walls, I had nice clean walls to work with.


PPG Paints provided me with two gallons of paint, and I chose Light Sage and Cream Puff, which are part of the 2013-14 color trends collection. In addition, I was sent a paint roller, brush and tray set; drop cloth, painters tape, and of course my “official painting shirt.”


My kitchen is a little different in that a wall from the family room runs directly into the kitchen so I couldn’t do many harsh color changes. What I ended up doing was painting one solid wall and the bulkhead with the Light Sage and I painted the wall coming in from the family room and the backsplash area with the Cream Puff. This allowed both colors to blend together nicely.


The colors also blended nicely with the color of our cabinets and the center island. I spiced things up with some pops of red using fun accents.


I was really pleased with the paint’s coverage. It covered some minor wall imperfections and looked great on both the textured and non textured walls. Another great thing is that with a 1-year old I need to have something that is durable. The paint is easy to wipe off and it can stand up to my son “fixing” the walls with his play tools.


I am so happy that my kitchen actually looks presentable! Of course, we still have a ways to go (ahem, cabinets! granite! appliances!) but this is a fabulous start. The Light Sage and Cream Puff are so tranquil and calming and it makes the kitchen so inviting.

If you are planning any sort of painting project, you have to check out this collection. In fact, to help you plan your next project, five (5) of my readers can win an Atmospheric and Harmony collections color decks ($30 value). All you have to do is enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

In the spirit of full-disclosure, I’ve partnered with PPG Pittsburgh Paints and received product, coupons, premium items, and reader giveaway items as part of my participation. However, I received no payment and all opinions, as always, are solely my own.

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